«FFXI-Movie» 0243 - Over the Hills and Far Away

«FFXI-Movie» 0243 - Over the Hills and Far Away

«FFXI-Movie» Over the Hills and Far Away (Alternate)

«FFXI-Movie» Over the Hills and Far Away (Alternate)

Game Script

Over the Hills and Far Away - Uleguerand Range
The ice melts to reveal a bejeweled dagger.

Louverance: Not so fast, adventurer.
That blade belongs to me.

Louverance: It was left to me by my father.
I dropped that dagger long ago, and this is the sorry state I found it in.

Louverance: Every time I managed to get my hands on a Moblin hotrok, I returned here to continue my efforts to melt the ice.

Louverance: It appears the Moblin hotrok you brought did the trick.

Louverance: But what brings you to this inhospitable place?
Were you not fighting alongside that Elvaan girl for the survival of Tavnazia?

Louverance: So, you have spoken with my nephew.
I cannot believe you were taken in, as well.

Louverance: It was not Antreneau who deceived you, of course.
It was the tale of that mountain guide.

Louverance: That man led me here, assuring me that the caves could be followed to the land beyond the Uleguerand Range.

Louverance: I suppose he believed that I would be easily defeated after the punishing trek through the mountains.

Louverance: I may have lost my dagger, but I did not lose my life that day.

Louverance: The deal that my guide proposed was far too beneficial for the both of us...

Louverance: But such talk aside, would you be willing to trade that dagger for this map of the Uleguerand Range?

Louverance: It was secretly copied from the original map of the Royal Knights, and is surprisingly accurate.
It was drawn without the strategic markings, however.

Louverance: One last thing, adventurer.
Please tell my nephew to be patient a little while longer.
I bid you farewell!

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