These are vendors who are located at the various regional outposts found around Vana'diel. These conquest NPC's only spawn when their nation controls the region. They sell regular medicines and are able to teleport adventurers to their home nation under certain conditions.

You can only buy from an outpost vendor if your nation of allegiance has control of the region. Their prices are not adjusted by Reputation (with the exception of Bartabaq), however, they do not run out of stock and are open all hours.

Certain items sold to an outpost vendor (or, if your nation does not have control of the region: traded) increase the regional influence for the nation of the player selling or trading the items. See the talk page for a discussion on adjusting regional influence through this method.

  • Vendors will only accept "Shields, Armor, and Weapons" when trading items to increase regional influence.
  • Vendors now will also accept evoliths toward regional influence and will reward you with gil for doing so.

Outpost vendors can teleport characters for a fee to their current nation's outpost teleport NPC located in one of the three starter cities. A Supply Run Mission must be completed before this option is unlocked, and there is a specific level requirement for each region (see Outpost Teleporting).

Items sold normally by Outpost Vendors

Items sold by the Outpost Vendor Bartabaq

Complete List of Outpost Vendors

Region Area NPC Position
Aragoneu Meriphataud Mountains Mushosho E-5
Derfland Pashhow Marshlands Tahmasp K-6
Elshimo Lowlands Yuhtunga Jungle Robino-Mobino G-11
Elshimo Uplands Yhoator Jungle Mugha Dovajaiho I-8
Fauregandi Beaucedine Glacier Gueriette H-9
Gustaberg North Gustaberg Kuleo D-10
Kolshushu Buburimu Peninsula Lobho Ukipturi E-7
Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert Sowande F-10
Li'Telor The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah Kasim H-9
Movalpolos Oldton Movalpolos Bartabaq F-10
Norvallen Jugner Forest Mionie I-8
Qufim Qufim Island Jiwon F-6
Ronfaure West Ronfaure Harvetour G-9
Tavnazian Archipelago Lufaise Meadows Jersey E-8
Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta Mahien-Uhien H-6
Valdeaunia Xarcabard Pelogrant H-8
Vollbow Cape Teriggan Bright Moon G-8
Zulkheim Valkurm Dunes Medicine Axe H-7