«FFXI-Movie» 0263 - Out of the Depths

«FFXI-Movie» 0263 - Out of the Depths

Game Script

Out of the Depths - Metalworks
Ayame: Well, that finishes up our maintenance on the cannons.

Romualdo: The old girls have been kept in pretty good shape. They should hold up if the need for them arises.

Romualdo: I just hope nothing that bad ever happens.

Ayame: I would have to agree.

Ayame: But we must stay on our guard.
That beastman lair appeared overnight, right on our doorstep...

Ayame: Greetings, adventurer.
Have you come looking for employment?

Looking for work?
Now that you mention it...
Not today...
Looking for work?
Now that you mention it...
Not today...

Ayame: I have a task perfectly suited for an adventurer.

Ayame: Have you heard about the Goblin lair that suddenly appeared in North Gustaberg?

Ayame: According to scholars, the Goblins living in this lair are a separate tribe known as the Moblins.

Ayame: Goblins ordinarily avoid gathering together and building settlements, but apparently these Moblins have a vastly different social structure.

Ayame: With several of their number living in Jeuno, it can be said that we are on much friendlier terms with Goblins than the other beastmen races.

Ayame: However, there is still much we don't know about the Moblins.

Ayame: In order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, we need to determine whether or not they harbor hostile intentions toward us.

Ayame: Preparations for military action are underway.
But first we wish to ask adventurers like you to conduct a thorough investigation.

Ayame: Will you undertake this task?

Will you do it?

Ayame: Excellent.
Please report to the scholar at the Steaming Sheep Restaurant for further detials.

Will you do it?

Ayame: I'm sorry to hear that.
Please be sure to talk to me again if you change your mind.

Out of the Depths (pt.1) - Port Bastok
Ravorara: Adventurers, one and all!

Your help is needed to investimigate the Moblin settlement that has appeared in North Gustaberg!

Ravorara: Reportificate to Mythril Musketeer Ayame for the details!

Ravorara: Yes?
Oh, you've decidified to undertake the task from Mythril Musketeer Ayame?

Ravorara: Welcome aboard.
I am a researcher affilimiated with the Rhinostery in Windurst.

Ravorara: I must warn you, this investimigation will be rather difficult.

Ravorara: Other adventurers who have returned from the Moblin settlement so far have reportificated Bastok's new neighbors to be extremely unwelcoming.

Ravorara: I supposify we are the intruders from the Moblins' point of view.
If only we could communificate with them somehow...

Ravorara: But putting that aside, your task will be to acquiremirize any unusual Moblin-type objects you come across.

Ravorara: And that doesn't mean pilferizing them from the inhabitants of Movalpolos!
You are to find some friendly Moblins and obtainify items through your might of negotiation.
Take care, bye bye now!

Out of the Depths (pt.3) - Port Bastok
Ravorara: You obtainified an old nametag?

Let me see...

Ravorara: This is an identifimication tag worn by workers in Bastok's mines...

Ravorara: It appears to be of significant age.
The Moblins must have discoverified it in a tunnel somewhere.

Ravorara: Hmmm.
Please indulgify my cogimitation a moment.
I feel a hypothesis hatching from my subconscious ruminifications...

Ravorara: There is a name engravimified on that old tag you brought me.

Ravorara: If we imposify upon the person to whom this name belongs, we can determinate the accuracy of my hypothesis.

Ravorara: Let's see...

Ravorara: I can decipherify this, I know I can...

Out of the Depths - Bastok Mines
Pavvke: What's this?

You say you found my old name tag?

Ravorara: <Puff...huff...>
Just a...moment...adventurer...

Ravorara: What's the meaning of desertifying me like that?

Ravorara: If we don't show the tag to Pavuluke, we can't make progress in our investimigation!

Ravorara: Mister Pavalake!
Please take a look at this!

Pavvke: My name is Pavvke...
But more importantly, where did you find this?

Ravorara: Yes, yes, Pavvke, that's what I said.
This tag was discoverified in the Moblin settlement that recently appeared in North Gustaberg.

Pavvke: The nomadic town of Movalpolos...
Back again, huh?

Ravorara: Mo...val...po...los?

Pavvke: Yes, the Moblins carry this city with them as they tunnel through the earth.

Pavvke: Almost a hundred years ago, our expansion of the Gusgen Mines ran into the tunnels being dug by the Moblins.

Ravorara: What!?
Why was I never informarized about this!?

Pavvke: At the time, Bastok was involved with the elimination of the Mithran pirates terrorizing the southern seas.

Pavvke: Hume officials probably know next to nothing about our battle with Movalpolos.

Ravorara: You must be speaking of the Elshimo Campaign.
Windurst was falsely accuserized by the governments of Bastok and Tavnazia...

Ravorara: ...Did you just mentionify a battle with the inhabitants of Movalpolos?

Ravorara: Are you telling us that the Moblins started warification on you?

Pavvke: Hmm.
The Moblins retreated into their city and only emerged to kidnap people and steal books.

Pavvke: However, they weren't attacking us as such.
Even the people who were kidnapped were returned unharmed.

Pavvke: Then one Galka decided he would learn the Moblin language and try to reason with them.

Pavvke: But his attempts ended in failure...
The Moblins suddenly became hostile and dangerous.

Ravorara: What a calamity!
What kind of words were exchangified, I wonder!?

Ravorara: I supposify Galka aren't known for their diplomacy...

Pavvke: Nobody really knows what passed between them.
In any case, the battle ended as abruptly as it had begun.

Pavvke: One morning, we awoke to discover that the tunnel connecting the mines to Movalpolos had completely caved in.
The Moblins had left.

Ravorara: So they fled, thinking they would be obliteraficated?

Pavvke: I don't think so.
Bastok had no formal army. It had come to the point where we had even considered collapsing the Gusgen Mines.

Ravorara: Then, perhaps they had achieverized some goal?

Pavvke: I don't know.
The only person who knows what really happened back then would be Jabbos, the Galka who tried talking with the Moblins.

Ravorara: And where can this Galka be locatified?

Pavvke: Nobody knows.
He disappeared on the first day of our battle with Movalpolos.

Pavvke: I guess he was ashamed at the trouble he had caused.

Ravorara: He ran away?
That doesn't seem very Galka-ized to me.

Pavvke: ...

Ravorara: Well, don't despairify, Mister Pakuke!

Ravorara: Rhinostery researchers from the Federation of Windurst are dispatchimicated to every corner of Vana'diel.
We'll locatify him for you!

Ravorara: This is a great development!
Now we know that communification can take place witht he Moblins if we manage to learn their language!

Ravorara: I must reportificate to Mythril Musketeer Ayame and delay the deployerization of the troops.

Ravorara: Here's your remunerafication.
Take care, bye bye now!

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