Start NPC Glenne - SE Encampment
Abyssea - La Theine
Requirements Reputation 6
Items Needed Key ItemRainbow-colored linkpearl
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 Cruor
Key ItemScarlet Abyssite of Kismet


  • Speak to Glenne (A) to receive a Key ItemRainbow-colored linkpearl to deliver to Aaveleon (A).
    • Glenne is located at (L-11), near Conflux #06.
  • Find Aaveleon and speak to him.
    • He has been sighted all over La Theine, including (D-7) going east, (E-7), (F-7) heading down into the gigas area from (E-7), (H-9), (H-11), (I-8), (I-10), (J-8), (J-9), (G-10) and (G-11).
    • He can also head east from the central encampment (H-7), circle around the cliffs at (I-8)/(I-9), and then travel south to the ravine at (H-10).
    • Widescan makes locating him much easier.
  • Return to Glenne to complete the quest and obtain your reward.

Game Description

Glenne has lost the means to contact her husband who is out on patrol. Find her husband afield and deliver a new linkpearl to him.