In Monstrosity, leveling up monipulators allows you to learn an instinct every 30 levels. The following instincts are all from unclassified monipulators.

Instinct NameEffectFaculty

Dragon Quest Slime (MON)
Astoltian Slime Instinct I Attack+5 Haste+1% Potency of Cure effect received+3% 1
Astoltian Slime Instinct II INT+3 Fire Trans FireMagic Accuracy+3 Fire Trans FireMagic Attack Bonus+3 2
Astoltian Slime Instinct III VIT+10 DEF+10 Damage taken-1% 3
Spriggan (MON)
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct I VIT+5 Trans Earth+20 Haste+1% 1
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct II HP+1% INT+5 Trans Ice+20 2
Eorzean Spriggan Instinct III Accuracy+10 Evasion+10 Attack+10 3