Quicksand Caves

Ornate doors are found inside Quicksand Caves. They block a variety of Notorious Monsters and passages throughout the caves.

To open an Ornate door requires three or more weight points to stand on the switch for a pressure door to open. Tarutaru are one weight point, Hume/Elvaan/Mithra are two weight points, and Galka are three weight points. Put another way, a weight switch requires at least three Tarutaru, one Hume/Elvaan/Mithra and one of any other race, or one Galka).

Examples of weight switch combinations needed to open an Ornate Door:

As long as thee or more weight points are standing on the pressure switch, the Ornate Door will open.

Walk of Echoes

Located inside Walk of Echoes via the Veridical Conflux in the Pashhow Marshlands (S) and (F-5) Grauberg (S) Veridical Conflux entrance.