Other than the Promathia Areas, Aht Urhgan Areas, Wings of the Goddess Areas, and Abyssea Areas, all remaning zones were part of the original release of FFXI or were released with the Rise of the Zilart expansion and can be accessed by all players in NA and EU only. For JP version Rise of the Zilart was NOT included in the initial release and MUST have been bought in order to gain access.

All regions on the current Region Map existed in the Original and Zilart areas with the exception of the Tavnazian Archipelago and Movalpolos. The effects of Super Kupowers will take effect in these zones (except for those in Tu'Lia and Dynamis).

Original Areas

Cities in Original Areas

Wilderness Areas in Original Areas

Dungeons in Original Areas


Cities in Zilart Areas

Wilderness Areas in Zilart Areas

Dungeons in Zilart Areas

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