The Optistery

One of the five Ministries of Magic in Windurst, which emphasizes what can be seen ("Optistery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "optical"). Located in Windurst Waters, the Optistery is separated into two specializations -- the library, which houses and restores ancient magical manuscripts, and the observatory, which analyzes the Celestial bodies of Vana'diel. The current minister is Tosuka-Porika, a position previously held by Karaha-Baruha.

The NPCs in the Optistery give the following quests, which must be completed in order:

  1. Glyph Hanger, from Hariga-Origa
  2. Early Bird Catches the Bookworm, from Tosuka-Porika
  3. Chasing Tales, from Tosuka-Porika
  4. A Smudge on One's Record, from Haiga-Origa
  5. Heaven Cent, from Ropunono

Location: Windurst Waters (North) (F/G - 7/8)

Shop type: Ministry




Name Purpose
Churano-Shurano Optistery Worker
Cochal-Monchal Optistery Worker

Involved in Quest:

Furan-Furin Weather Reporter
Furakku-Norakku Optistery Librarian

Involved in Quests:

Hariga-Origa Optistery Scribe

Starts Quests:

Lago-Charago Optistery Stargazer

Involved in Quest:

Mejina-Monjina Optistery Stargazer
Olaky-Yayulaky Item Depository
Ropunono Optistery Stargazer

Starts Quest:

Serukoko Optistery Scribe
Sohdede Optistery Scribe
Tosuka-Porika Optistery Minister

Starts Quests:

Involved in Quests:

Involved in Missions:

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