Start NPC: Iruki-Waraki - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (K-9)
Puppetmaster 50+
Items Needed: Sleeping Potion x1, Chai x1, Lamian Fang Key x1
Repeatable: No
Reward: Puppetry Churidars

Previous Quest: The Wayward Automaton
Next Quest: Puppetmaster Blues


Iruki-Waraki's trying a way to get his automaton back from the thief. However, since the thief knows him, he can't do it directly. He conjures up a scheme but needs you to bring him back some items.

  • Necessary items:
    Sleeping Potion x1
    Chai x1
    Sleeping potion can be obtained from the Auction House, and Chai from the Shararat Teahouse (K/J-12) in southern Whitegate.
  • After acquiring the items, trade them back to Iruki-Waraki for a cutscene. He asks you to invite the thief to have tea with you in Nashmau.
  • Travel to Nashmau and speak with Dnegan at H-6 on the second floor for a cutscene.
  • During the cutscene a bald hume named Yafahb will approach you. During the cutscene you are presented with three options:
    Ask about the Automaton
    Ask about getting around Nashmau
    Invite him to drink some tea
  • Select either the option for getting around Nashmau or to invite him to drink some tea. Selecting "Ask about the automaton" ends the cutscene and you will need to return another game day to complete the quest.
  • You will be taken back to the port where Iruki-Waraki has setup shop. He asks for you order. You get 3 choices, Chai, Coffee, and "I'll pass, thanks". Choosing either Chai or Coffee will work.
  • Iruki-Waraki mixes the cups up and you have to choose which one you want. The cup with a suspicious vapor is the correct choice and won't put you to sleep. After that, Yafahb falls asleep but the Automaton runs away after being confronted by Iruki-Waraki. You then have to run to Caedarva Mire to find it.

There are lots of dangerous mobs on the way to (and through) Arrapago Reef so a mage sub or lots of Oil/Powders is recommended. You can change jobs to run through these areas and it will still allow you to complete the quest.

You start at I-11 on the map. You need to run to the Iron Gate at J-10 and open it up. When you get inside, you need to sneak and invisible yourself and continue running directly north through the area to J-8. Open the door there and go through. From there, go north and find the tunnel entrance at I-6. Go East and then take the fork going south in the tunnel to Caedarva Mire. The quest point location is next to a tree but be careful because a Mosshorn Ram and Elder Treant roam the area.

There'll be a cutscene with Iruki-Waraki coming to take the Automaton back but it refuses to come. He says there's nothing he can do and decides to come back later. Yafahb gives Iruki-Waraki an item that he got from the "girl" he mentioned earlier. Iruki-Waraki instead gives it to you.

Game Description

Client: Iruki-Waraki (Way of the Devout, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Iruki-Waraki wants you to cooperate with his plan to take back his automaton.