Start NPC Risen Hackles Eastern Adoulin G-6
Requirements Adoulin Reputation 3
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 experience/limit points
500 bayld
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None None


  • Speak with Risen Hackles to begin the quest.
  • Speak with Yeggha Dolashi, Rala Waterways (M-6) twice to ensure you get the proper dialogue about the Peacekeepers' Coalition.
    • The fastest way to reach her is to enter at (F-7) from Eastern Adoulin.
  • Return to Risen Hackles for your reward.

Game Description

Risen Hackles (G-6) Eastern Adoulin
One of the Peacekeepers' Coalition's finest has challenged you to find the holy battlegrounds in the Rala Waterways. Head down and prove that you have what it takes to navigate the waters
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