Lokpix: Who da heck are ya? Me? i's Lokpix. I goes all 'round da Altepa Desert, gatherin' information and scoutin' da land.

Lokpix: I's sure I knows more 'bouts dese dunes dan anybody in da hist'ry of Vana'diel. Fer example, ya know 'bouts da trick door in da Quicksand Caves? Option

Lokpix: Boy, has I gots some good news fer ya. Dis is somethin' only us Goblins know. It involves openin' dat door wit'out da help of odda adventurers, y'see. Lokpix: You wanna knows how to do dat, don'tcha? How coulds ya not? Option

Lokpix: Well den, lets me impart my knowledges to ya, so dey say. Also, you knows da phrase, "Nothin' in life is free"? Well, dat goes double fer Goblin knowledge.

Lokpix: Brin me a Tremorstone and a Meteorite if ya wants da secret. I ain't picky, neither, so if ya got no Meteorite, then a Soil Gem will do ya right.

Lokpix: And if fer some reason ya ain't got one of dem either, I ain't averse to collectin' some Soil Geodes. Yeah, twelve of 'em should do da trick.

Lokpix: And play by da numbers, kid. I ain't givin' out no discounts. Why? ...Because! Dat's why.

After trading items:

Lokpix: I see ya broughts 'em. Now stand back whiles I work my magic.

Lokpix: Ta-da! You's now da proud owner of yer very own Loadstone!

Lokpix: Smackin' dis rock o' wonders causes it to get heavier fer da briefest o' moments. Don't bother aksin' how I can makes somethin' so astonishin'. Dat's a Goblin trade secret.

Obtained key item: Loadstone.

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