Start NPC Lokpix, Eastern Altepa Desert (G-7)
Items Needed Tremorstone
One of the following:
Soil Gem, or
Soil Geode x12
Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemLoadstone


  • Speak to Lokpix and answer yes to both his questions. Note: This step does not need to be accomplished first but must be done prior to trading the items to him.
  • Obtain a Tremorstone by checking a ??? near the protocrystal in the Cloister of Tremors. This quest does not need to be active to obtain the Tremorstone. Tip: A quick way to get here is to have level 20 or higher Summoner and follow the quest Trial Size Trial by Earth and obtain the Mini Tuning Fork of Earth to warp there instantly. Please note that if you completed this quest in the past, you cannot take this shortcut. Also see talk page for suggestion of directions.

Game Description

Lokpix, (G-7, Eastern Altepa Desert)
There's supposedly a way to open that troublesome door in the Quicksand Caves by yourself. If you wish to know the secret, bring back a tremorstone and a meteorite. Should you lack a meterorite, either a soil gem or twelve soil geodes will suffice.

Game Script

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