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Online Manners[1]


This outlines the basic Rules and Conduct that players should follow to ensure an enjoyable FINAL FANTASY XI experience. Our priority is to make FINAL FANTASY XI safe and enjoyable for all players. With this in mind please be sure to follow the PlayOnline Rules and Conduct Guidelines when playing FINAL FANTASY XI.

  • As some parts have been updated, please take some time to reread the PlayOnline Member Agreement and Policies.

Communicating with Players

It's easy for misunderstandings to happen between people who are far way. In order to maintain a friendly environment, please keep the following in mind:

Bullet Conduct
  • It never hurts to be polite.
  • When giving advice, remember that a little kindness can go a long way.
  • Try to foster an accommodating atmosphere.
  • If it's not appropriate in everyday life, it's probably not appropriate online either.
  • Try not to let personal information about yourself and others slip out.


Harassment and disruptive behavior are not allowed in FINAL FANTASY XI or PlayOnline. These actions violate the PlayOnline Member Agreement and can result in disciplinary action. The following are examples of inappropriate behavior in FINAL FANTASY XI (Please refer to the PlayOnline Rules & Policies for more information).

  • Be sure to also refer to the "GM Policies" now available to the public.

Bullet Harassment
  • Using language not acceptable in a public venue.
  • Any language that condemns any race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender.
  • Any language that is purposely meant to harm or harass a third party.
  • Any group formed for the purpose of harassing a player or players.

Bullet Disruptive Behavior
  • Any action that deliberately causes a monster to attack another player character, or MPK-related action.
  • Holding a Notorious Monster without attacking it while other players are waiting.
  • Deliberately interrupting a conversation or chat session by spamming the log window or other such actions.
  • Sending unwanted items to another player through the delivery box.
  • Group actions that block access and impede other players' movements within the game.
  • Any action that keeps another player from completing a quest or mission.
  • Examining other players continuously to disrupt their gameplay.
  • Actions that excessively deprive others of the ability to experience various gameplay features.
  • Any other action that is determined by a GM to cause a disruption in gameplay.

Bullet In-Game Fraud
Defined as any action to defraud another player with the intent to gain items or gil for personal profit.

Bullet Game Balance Issues
  • Any use of a program that is not officially sanctioned by Square Enix.
  • Controlling a player character through use of a program or machine that is not officially sanctioned by Square Enix.
  • ANY use of third-party programs, regardless of benefit.
  • Selling items or accounts to gain money in the real world, or other RMT-related actions.

Bullet Other Improper Actions
  • Trying to impersonate other players by using their handle names or other means of communication.
  • Ignoring instructions from Game Masters.
  • Impersonating a Game Master or an official representative of Square Enix.
  • Any act that compromises the FINAL FANTASY XI service, or attempts to affect said service.

Additionally, GMs may give directives to players during periods of technical difficulties with the game. This is to prevent any harmful side effects to players and should be followed immediately. SQUARE ENIX is not responsible for any negative effects on account of players who ignore such directives. This includes any directives given during normal maintenance service.

Dealing with Disruptions

We suggest the following actions to avoid harassment.

Bullet Use the blacklist
Add a character to the blacklist to filter any actions or chat messages from that character. To add someone to your blacklist, follow these steps.

[ /blacklist add xxx (Character name) ]

Remember, characters must be logged in if you wish to add them to your blacklist. You can see who is on your blacklist by typing "/blacklist" or "/blist."

Bullet Block all trade, party requests, and spell effects from other players
The block aid command lets you block any incoming trade, party requests, or magic spell effects from members outside your party or Alliance.

[ /blockaid on/off ]

This feature is off by default. Once turned on, it will remain so until you move from the area, get KO'd or log out of the game.

Bullet Kick a player from your Linkshell or party
If a character in your Linkshell is causing trouble, you can kick the offender out. Only the leaders or sub-leaders of Linkshells can do this.

If a character in your party is harassing others, you can kick the offender out. Only the party leader can do this.

Account Penalties

Engaging in actions prohibited by the PlayOnline Member Agreement, the FINAL FANTASY XI Software License Agreement, and/or the User Agreement & Policies may result in a GM-issued penalty against the account used by the offending player. All violations are recorded permanently and repeat offenses will result in heavier penalties being imposed. Players will be notified of the details of their penalty via PlayOnline Mail. Offending characters may be sent to the in-game detention area, Mordion Gaol (jail), where they will have the details of their penalty explained by a GM.

Account penalties are divided into the following categories:

Minor policy infractions will result in a warning from the GM. The offender is warned that his actions are in violation of the user agreement, and is instructed to cease such conduct in the future.
Account Suspension
Severe policy infractions will result in the GM suspending the offending account for a set period of time. Suspended accounts cannot be used to access PlayOnline services for the duration of the suspension. Account suspensions are referred to as Penalty Boxes (PB), of which there are three types: 24PB, 48PB, and 72PB. Which PB is issued will depend on the severity of the violation and past record of the offending account. The numbers refer to 24, 48, and 72 hours after 0:00 (midnight) the day after the suspension is issued, signifying the duration of the suspension. Any account that is dealt a 72PB will be investigated and considered for termination by the Account Administrator. In this case, the suspension will remain in place until the completion of the investigation, even if this exceeds the 72-hour period.
An account ban permanently revokes PlayOnline membership and is carried out by the Account Administrator in the event of a severe violation. Accounts that have been banned will not be reinstated under any circumstances.
Bullet Cautions
In addition to the penalties explained above, a GM may issue players with a caution. Cautions are intended to inform players that continuing their current course of action may result in a violation of the user agreement. While cautions are not penalties, failing to heed the GM’s instructions may result in the account being penalized.

Bullet Repeat Offenses
Players committing a violation following the issuance of their first PB will be penalized with a 72PB and investigated for account termination. Similarly, incurring multiple warnings may lead to the player’s account being banned, depending on the severity of the offenses accumulated. Additionally, certain violations may result in an account being considered for termination at the first offense.
Repeat Offenses


  1. As of Mar 25, 2009. See the official page for the most up to date version of this Square Enix policy.

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