«FFXI-Movie» 0106 - Onion Rings

«FFXI-Movie» 0106 - Onion Rings

Game Script

Onion Rings - Port Windurst
Kohlo-Lakolo: Huh? What's that Old Ring you have there...? Where have I seen that before? Ah! That's a little old but it looks like the minister's ring. Oh, and I've seen that insignia somewhere... That's the ghosty house's mark! Everybody, listen up here! The time for us to catch the Cat Burglar has come! We can now open the doors to the ghosty house! Let's go to the ghosty house before the Cat Burglar gets away! C'mon, move it, move it!
Onion Rings - House of the Hero
Kohlo-Lakolo: Ahoy! Ahoy!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Good! Now that we’re all here, it’s time for the final showdown with that Cat Burglar!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Star Onion Brigade, are you ready already? Then CHAAAA~RRGE!

Papo-Hopo: Yippee!

Gomada-Vulmada: Hi-ho Silver!

Yafa Yaa: Meow!

Pyo Nzon: Herrre we go again!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Ta~da~! The Star Onion Brigade is on the scene!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Nanaa Mihgo! Otherwise known as the Cat Burglar! We’re on your tail now!

Kohlo-Lakolo: We’re not letting you out of here until you promise to give up your evil ways for good!

Nanaa Mihgo: Not you brrrats again! Don’t you have beterrr things to do all day than to rrrub my furrr the wrrrong way?

Kohlo-Lakolo: Bite your tongue! We’re very busy-wusy fighting crime, you know?

Kohlo-Lakolo: We’re the ones who solve all of Windurst’s problems that grown-ups turn a blind eye to!

Nanaa Mihgo: Oh, you’d betterrr be carrreful then. Sounds like you’rrre making me out to be some kind of baddy, or something?

Nanaa Mihgo: If you’re out to stop baddies, then you should be chasing after the Minister of the Orastery, Ajido-Marujido, not me! He’s the one to watch, you know?

Kohlo-Lakolo: Huh? Is that true?

Papo-Hopo: Don’t ask me! I don’t know...I don’t pay much attention to wumors.

Nanaa Mihgo: Then allow me to fill you in. The ministerrr of the Orastery is trying to revive “summoning magic”--the verrry magic that the Star Sibyl has forrrbidden.

Nanaa Mihgo: That evil little magician is abusing his authorrrity as ministerrr and acting out of line. But because he’s a ministerrr, the Tarutaru grrrown-ups let him do as he pleases.

Nanaa Mihgo: Is this the kind of thing the Starrr Onion Brrrigade can allow to happen?

Kohlo-Lakolo: ......

Nanaa Mihgo: Perrrhaps you had betterrr learn morrre about the ways of grrrown-ups beforrre you go too farrr. The adult worrrld isn’t as simple as your children’s worrrld is...

Nanaa Mihgo: See you arrround, I suppose!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Did the door just lock...?

Yafa Yaa: We’ve been had!

Pyo Nzon: Grrr... We’ve been shut in!

Nanaa Mihgo: A-ha-ha! If you don’t hurrrry up and learn the ways of grrrown-ups, you’ll meet worrrse fates than this! I hope this has prrroven to be a valuable lesson!

Nanaa Mihgo: Goodbye, my little kittens! This house is enchanted, so no matterrr how much noise you make, no one will everrr hearrr you!

Nanaa Mihgo: I hope the ghost of the summonerrr doesn’t eat you! Farrrewell!

Pyo Nzon: Did she say “g-ghost”!?

Kohlo-Lakolo: ......

Kohlo-Lakolo: Zoinks...!

Kohlo-Lakolo: E-e-e-every-one re-m-m-main c-c-calm!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Th-there’s no-no-no s-s-such th-things as g-ghosties! The C-cat Burglar is j-just trying t-to s-scare us!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Th-there’s got to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this! L-let’s check out where the s-sound came from...e-everyone!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Looky-see... There’s a gap behind this bookshelf!

Kohlo-Lakolo: The sound we heard was just the wind blowing in from there...

Gomada-Vulmada: Phew...

Pyo Nzon: Don’t scarrre us like that!

Papo-Hopo: So da ghosty’s twue identity was just da wind!

Papo-Hopo: It’s pwetty dark and hard to tell, but if dere are a lot of gaps in da walls, den dey might give us a clue to get out of here.

Papo-Hopo: Arrrrrgggghhhraaaa!!!

Papo-Hopo: Dere’s a c-c-orpse!

Papo-Hopo: A corpse!

Kohlo-Lakolo: A corpse!?

Pichichi: You mean ath in...a dead body!?

Kohlo-Lakolo: No, Pichichi! Keep back! It’s too dangerous!

Pichichi: But a dead body ith not dangerouth, ith it?

Kohlo-Lakolo: I, erh, guess not...but a ghosty may come out of it!

Pichichi: But a ghothty ith an undead body, not a dead body, right?

Kohlo-Lakolo: Um... Either way, I don’t think it’s wise to find out!

Pichichi: Huh...?

Kohlo-Lakolo: Ah...!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Wo-wo-wo-wo-whoah!

Pichichi: Wee! He came back to life again!

Pichichi: Good morning, thleepy head! My name ith Pichichi!

Pichichi: And you are...?

Pichichi:  !

Pichichi: A ghothty!

Joker: jOkEr*Is nOt A ghOst!

Joker: JoKeR iS a*CaRdIaN!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Ye~ah! I’m glad to be out of there!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Yet another close call for the Star Onion Brigade!

Papo-Hopo: I thought we were goners when we were twapped in dere with dat ghosty!

Gomada-Vulmada: But it was no ghosty-whosty, it was a Cardiany!

Kohlo-Lakolo: And thanks to Joker, we were able to escape!

Kohlo-Lakolo: Well, that was more than enough adventure for today... Let’s all head back to Star Onion headquarters at the port.

Papo-Hopo: Yippee!

Gomada-Vulmada: Hi-ho Silver!

Pyo Nzon: Herrre we go again!

Yafa Yaa: Meow!

Pichichi: ......

Pichichi: Ith that your home there, Mither Ghothty?

Joker: ......!

Joker: ...... jOkEr dOEs nOt rEmEmbEr wEll, *bUt nEgAtIvE, *thAt is nOt jOkEr's hOmE!

Pichichi: Tho where ith your home, Mither Ghothy? Where are you going to go?

Joker: JoKeR......? .........!

Joker: jOkEr*dOEs nOt knOw...!

Pichichi: Then why don't you come home with uth?

Joker: JoKeR...... .........!

Pichichi: Come on! Hurry up!

Joker: jOkEr*iS nOt A gHoSt! JoKEr Is a*CaRdian!

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