Start NPC Kohlo-Lakolo - Port Windurst G-5
Requirements Windurst Reputation 3
Received the Castle Oztroja cutscene from Windurst Mission 3-1: To Each His Own Right
Items Needed Old Ring
Title Granted Star Onion Brigadier
Repeatable No
Reward Bouncer Club
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Inspector's Gadget!
Mission: To Each His Own Right
Crying Over Onions


You must change areas after completing the previous quest. Logging out/in is not enough.
  • At the end of the quest Inspector's Gadget!, Kohlo-Lakolo will lament not having the minister's ring to open the door of the House of the Hero.
  • Go to Castle Oztroja and proceed to I-8 on the first map, where you will find a door with two handles.
    • One handle will open the door and the other will open a trap door beneath the handles.
    • You must stand right next to a switch, directly in front of the doorway, to pull a handle.
  • Find the handle that opens the trap door, pull it, and fall to the room below.
  • Check a blank target on the floor to find an Old Ring.
    • To receive the old ring you must be the one to pull the lever and activate the trapdoor, you cannot have a high-level friend helping you pull the lever.
    • It is possible for a Non-Windurst citizen to get the ring. Just touch the trap door and you will get it.
    • A Windurst citizen must be on or past Windurst Mission 3-1 to get the ring.
  • Checking the target again will open an escape door.
    • Dropping down this hole will place you in a long stairway, at the end of which is Oztroja's main courtyard, through which you can easily return to the main exit. This is a safe way out of the castle for players who don't have a means of Warp; however, the Yagudo in the stairway and courtyard are fourth-tier and highly dangerous to anyone under Level 50.
  • Bring the ring back to Kohlo-Lakolo. One of two events will occur:
    1. You will be told to go to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls at (G-3). There you will check its door to see a cutscene, and the quest will be completed.
    2. You will be told that you were "too late," receive a similar cutscene, and the quest will be completed.
(The timer starts as soon as you talk to Kohlo-Lakolo and 3 Earth days was too long. In either case, your reward will not be affected.)
If you already have the Old Ring before activating the quest you will just get the final cutscene.
  • Return to Port Windurst (or in the latter case, zone out of Port Windurst and zone back in), then speak to Kohlo-Lakolo again to obtain your reward.
If you didn't get your Bouncer club please zone out and zone back in and talk to Kohlo-Lakolo once more.

Game Description

Kohlo-Lakolo (Warehouses, Port Windurst)
Now that the Star Onion Brigade has the old Optistery ring, they can unlock the door to the spooky old abandoned Ghostly House. Yikes! Once inside, will they be able to uncover the Cat Burglar's plot and foil her evil scheme? Go, go, Onions!