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Mission Name One to be Feared
Number PM6-4
Title Granted Branded by Lightning
Omega Ostracizer
Ultima Undertaker
Reward 1500 Exp (Once per day, upon completing the BC)
Ducal Guard's Ring
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More Questions Than Answers Chains and Bonds
Replay Cutscenes
One to be Feared Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)
One to be Feared (pt. 1-6) Jovial Rat Sealion's Den (H-6)


  • Talk to Cid at Metalworks for a quick cutscene.
  • Head to the Tavnazian Safehold (Home Point #2 is the fastest option).
  • Enter Sealion's Den for a quick cutscene.
    • Optional: Talk to Sueleen (near the gate) for additional dialogue.
  • Examine the Iron Gate ahead to enter the battlefield for One to be Feared. (see testimonials) (see strategies)
  • After defeating Ultima, the party will be teleported to Lufaise Meadows. This is when the players will receive a Ducal Guard's Ring which completes the mission.
    • Anyone who has already completed the mission before will be teleported to Sealion's Den.


  • The fight is doable but still pretty difficult at level 65 with Trust. Easier at level 80+, trivial at Item Level.
  • The fight is capped at 99, but still with Level Restriction status, so buffs are removed upon entry.
  • 45 minute time limit.
  • Experience Points are not lost from KO.
  • Tractor is not allowed.
  • The battle is split into 3 parts: 5 Mammet-22 Zeta's, Omega, then Ultima.
    • Before each part, the party's HP and MP will be restored, but TP will be reset. The monsters will not attack as soon as they can, they will wait until a player character moves close enough or executes any action towards them.
      • Pet TP is not reset and deployed Automatons are not lost.
      • Finishing Moves remain intact, as with any other buff. You may find it useful to build to 5 in each fight and use Reverse Flourish, from Dancer main or support jobs, prior to the next.
    • To continue to the next part, examine the door and select the option to approach the next warship.

5 x Mammet-22 Zeta (Job Varies)

Omega (Biotechnological Weapon)

  • Approximately 14,000 HP.
  • Auto-Regen of 1 HP/tic.
  • Susceptible to Aspir.
  • Long-monster facing. I.e., it won't immediately turn to face its target.
  • Counter attacks.
  • Additional effect: stun on its melee attacks.
  • Attack speed increases based on remaining hit points.
    • Increases at 60% and 25% health.
  • Does not regenerate to full when the party is defeated.
  • CCB Polymer Pump inflicts amnesia on it for 1 minute.
  • See Omega for more details.

Ultima (Biotechnological Weapon)

  • Approximately 15,000 HP.
  • Auto-Regen of 1 HP/tic.
  • Susceptible to Aspir.
  • Additional effect: paralyze on its melee attacks.
  • Does not regenerate to full when the party is defeated.
  • At low HP Ultima will be able to spam TP Attacks, the most dangerous of which appears to be Antimatter, which can do upwards of 550+ dmg to a level 99 with Shell V and Protect V.
  • CCB Polymer Pump inflicts amnesia on it for 1 minute.
  • See Ultima for more details.


One of the more famous battles in the game, known by players as "The Airship Fight".

Game Description

Mission Orders
The fifth verse of "Memoria de la S^tona" has been discovered. Now, with the help of Cid, you must fly beyond the sea of clouds and face Bahamut for what may be the final time...