Start NPC Chelidoine - Eastern Adoulin (J-9)
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 500xp and 300 bayld
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None None


Talk to Chelidoine (Eastern Adoulin J-9) to accept the quest. He requests your advice on several matters.

  • Pioneers' Coalition, Any tips for Colonization Reives?
    • Choose Assist other pioneers.
  • Couriers' Coalition, Any tips for supply shipping?
    • Choose Using waypoints is acceptable (the other waypoint option does NOT work)
  • Inventors' Coalition, Any tips for material procurement?
    • Choose Buy from Auction House or other pioneers.
  • Scouts' Coalition, Any tips for ergon locus surveys?
    • Choose Find a good angle of approach
  • Peacekeepers' Coalition, Any tips for Lair Reives?
    • Choose assist other pioneers.
  • Mummers' Coalition, Any tips for morale boosting?
    • Choose Check what the target wants.

Wait until JP midnight and return to Chelidoine to complete the quest. This quest will not show up in the current list, while you wait for JP midnight. It does show up in the completed list, once you talk to Chelidoine after JP midnight to complete the quest.