This is the first Scholar Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Erlene - The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8)
Requirements Scholar level 40+
Items Needed Ulbrecht's Sealed Letter
Schultz's Sealed Letter
Repeatable Yes, by erasing AF memory
Reward Klimaform
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A Little Knowledge Downward Helix


  • Go to The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8) and talk to Erlene for a cutscene. You'll be given the Key ItemUlbrecht's Sealed Letter.
    • Note: You need to be SCH40+ when Talking to Erlene, or you will not receive the dialogue and/or key item. After accepting the quest as Scholar, everything else can be done with any other Job active.

You can be on any job from here on.

Be careful when approaching the Indescript Markings for it is surrounded by Virulent Peiste, which aggro by sight. Make sure to keep invisible up if you are not riding a Mount, and wait for the Virulent Peiste to look away before examining the Markings. Alternatively, you can kill the nearby Peistes fairly easily using Trusts if your job level is at least in the 70's range.

Game Description

Erlene & Ulbrecht (The Eldieme Necropolis (S), Batallia Downs)
Prof. Schultz, founder of the seminal Schultz School of Martial Theory, has vanished. Set out and find the missing professor to set Erlene's mind at ease, and to deliver Ulbrecht's message.