This is the second Blue Mage Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as part of the AF1-Set.
Start NPC Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10)
Requirements Blue Mage Level 50+; completed Beginnings
Title Granted Immortal Lion
Repeatable Yes, by erasing AF memory
Reward Magus Charuqs
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Map of Mount Zhayolm displaying location of Navukgo Execution Chamber

  • Wait one ingame day after completing Beginnings. Also be sure to zone or you will just get divination again.
  • Speak to Waoud as a blue mage for a cut scene.
    • You do not need to be a Blue Mage to fight the Immortal Flan.
  • Head to Navukgo Execution Chamber and find the Decorative Bronze Gate. Here you will fight 1~2 Immortal Flan. * Caution: Depending on your current job, you may or may not need Sneak and Invisible tools. Take precautions before embarking on this quest.
  • There are several options to reach the battlefield
  • Home Point Option
    • There is a Home Point in Mount Zhayolm right before the zone if you have already activated it.
  • Unity Warp Option
    • Unity Warp for level 128 content (Grand Grenade) puts you at (C-7). This is very close to Navukgo Execution Chamber.
  • Walking - Cast Metal Plate Option
  • Note: To get to Navukgo Execution Chamber, you need to pass through the gate in Mount Zhayolm. For this you will need a Cast Metal Plate. To get the cast metal plate, touch the Gates of Halvung first, and then find the ???. You must touch the gate closest to the ??? to get the cast metal plate, there are two Gates of Halvung.
  • Easier Walking Option Alternative Route: (this route doesn't require a Cast Metal Plate and is a lot less work.)
  • Enter the battlefield via the Decorative Bronze Gate. The battle is uncapped with a 30 minute time limit and you can enter with up to 18 people. Buffs cast outside the battle field wear off.
  • The Immortal Flan is a black mage, has about 4,000 HP and will use Sleepga.
  • Trusts can be called once in the battlefield.
  • Note: The number of Immortal Flan spawned depends on how many people enter the battlefield. 1-3 people = 1 flan, 4-6 = 2 flans, 6-9 = 3 flans and so on up to 6 flans if 16-18 people enter.

Game Description

Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
The only choice you have left is to forge ahead in the quest for power, or face your own destruction... If ambition still fuels your soul, head to the Navukgo Execution Chamber and obliterate the monstrous flan!
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