• All of Rhapsodies of Vana'diel must be done; this means everything down to the last bit.
  • Speak with Incantrix (Ethereal Ingress #10) for more info about Omen and about acquiring a "Key Item Mystical Canteen".
    • You (in addition to anyone else wanting to go) must have a Key Item Mystical Canteen.
    • You may only have one at any given time on you.
    • One regenerates every 20 real life hours.
    • Available Mystical Canteens are displayed in the "Currencies 2" Menu. Incantrix will hold on to a maximum of 3 for the player.
  • Only alliance/party leaders can queue for entry.

How to Enter

  • Go to Reisenjima and locate the Earthly Concrescence, which is used to enter Omen.
  • Only a party leader may operate this entrance.
  • Anyone entering will lose their Key Item Mystical Canteen.


  • Kill everything in your way until you reach an Ethereal Ingress. Please note there are a few of these going forward and eventually a boss fight.
  • Time in this area might be limited, and potentially increased if so. Verification Needed
  • There might be other floor options. Verification Needed
  • It remains unknown how many floors are needed to clear. Verification Needed

Available Rewards

  • Job Cards drop in this area.
  • Crafting ingredients are said to drop here in varying types. Verification Needed
  • Bosses killed here also drop things Information Needed.


Omen Solo Farming Guide (Job cards & S. Astral Detritus) ALL JOBS!