Mission Name: Ode of Life Bestowing
Start NPC: None
Requirements: Omnis stone
Suggested Level: 75
Title: Silencer of the Echo
Repeatable: Yes, see below
Reward: Ebon Key
Prismatic Key
750 Experience Points or Limit Points

Previous Mission: Banishing the Echo
Next Mission: A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)
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  Cut Scene Name   Ramblix Stellar Fulcrum

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  • Examine the door to enter the battlefield.
    • This is a six-person battle with a 30 minute time limit.
    • Anybody can help with the fight, including those that do not have an Omnis Stone or the add-on.
    • Buffs granted by spells and abilities will wear upon entry. However certain buffs granted by items, such as Reraise from Reraise Earring will not.
    • The Omnis stone is lost upon entry. In the event of a failure, you will need to climb the tower again to collect the stones in order to acquire another.
    • No exp is lost for dying.
    • If you do not have an Omnis stone you will not receive an Ebon Key when doing this fight a second time.

The Battle

Ode of Life Bestowing Strategies and discussion.
  • The fight is against the Seed Crystal. The Seed Crystal remains stationary in the center of the battlefield. It has approximately 25,000 HP.
    • It is possible to avoid the AoE attacks by standing against the door behind the entrance or in the corners at the back. It has a maximum distance of 17'.
    • Caution: At the beginning of the fight the Seed Crystal may use its ability to disable all participants' 2-hour abilities.
    • An alternative is to have all mages and damage dealers stand in the corners at the back of the BC.
    • It has no front or back, making it impossible to Sneak Attack.
    • Decently geared/skilled DDs should not have difficulty hitting the Seed Crystal. Eating meat instead of accuracy food recommended, Hunter's Roll or BRD accuracy songs can be replaced with more appropriate buffs.
    • Resistant to many enfeebling spells, like Slow and Silence, is susceptible to Stun, but can built resistance over time. It is also resistant to Head Butt's stun effect.
    • Repeatedly uses Draw In on anyone within melee range with enmity toward it.
  • The Seed Thrall spawned by the Seed Crystal have extremely low HP; it is recommended to take them out immediately.
  • In the event of a wipe, you can reraise and recover without being booted from the battlefield so long as you wipe out of aggro range from the Seed Crystal. Be warned, however, that the crystal usually regenerates its HP up to 100% within a minute of a wipe.
  • Tractor is not allowed in this Battlefield. If someone is defeated below the stairs, they cannot be Raised safely until everyone else is up and ready again.
  • You may not escape from the Battlefield by clicking on the exit door.
  • If anyone is Raised within range of the Seed Crystal's aggro, everyone in the party will get on its hate list.


  • Turn in the Ebon Key previously received and wait the next Japanese midnight.
    • If the key is in your inventory, you will not be able to start the battle, and the Omnis stone will not be consumed when entering.
  • Repeat the acquisition of the Omnis stone.
  • Drop your current body armor. This can be done at any time before entering the battlefield.
  • Repeat the fight in Stellar Fulcrum to receive a new Prismatic Key.
  • Talk to the coffer in Tenshodo and turn in the Prismatic Key.
  • Reselect your reward.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The final confrontation awaits you within the Stellar Fulcrum...


The traditional method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cb7URsxazI
The zerging method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeCXUxgCxaY

Game Script

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