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SMN99/RDM49 iLvl 115+ Easy Solo

RoE Summoner iLvl 115 sachet ammo, a basic wind elemental staff and Garuda's Predator Claws is all you need. Pop the new Summoner 1 hour Special Ability and spam Predator claws for a easy win. If you're running out of mp, convert and keep spamming, just time it around its AOE TP move so you don't get killed after a convert. Difficulty 1/10 --Calintzpso (talk) 14:18, March 16, 2014 (UTC)

BST99/WHM49 Solo

Had a horrible time winning this fight, on my 3rd attempt I went in with a Yagudo drink, a full stack of Pet food Thetas, 20~ Dawn Mulsums and used half my Theta and all but two mulsums. I used a Familiar'd FaithfulFalcorr as my pet because I wanted high damage. I never let the seed thralls get over 3 because I felt that would be the end of my pet so whenever I had the chance I sent my pet to attack a thrall and he would get one or two hits before moving to another target, a tankier pet may work better for this fight but without testing I'm not sure. I let the pet do all the work I went in with 1 Astolfo -10% pdt and an Anwig Salade -10% pdt and I took off my shield and melee gear and replaced with Reward gear so that the copies weren't as strong. I used RR at the start in case of a wipe and I waited to use the Yag drink until I was low on MP. I kept Stoneskin up and kept Dia II up on the crystal, with occasional Regen IIs or Cure IVs to keep myself out of the KO range. The Crystals AOEs would hit me for an average of 700~ so I tried stayed as far back as possible.

BST99/NIN49 Solo

Won today solo in about 9 minutes. Used Bloodclaw Shasra, maybe 3 Pet Food Theta biscuits, and 9 bottles of Dawn Mulsum. Didn't melee at all. Used Familiar at the beginning of the fight. Sent pet in to attack the crystal while I hung back out of range of the AoE attacks. Mulsums are a must as the damage is still too great to cure with just Reward. Shasra attacked the crystal, then attacked the Seed Thralls when they appeared. Saved TP for Charged Whisker, used when the Thralls started to pile up (had as many as 3 at a time). Basically just let pet do all the work and used Reward (if it was available) and Dawn Mulsums (if it wasn't) whenever HP got low. I walked away without a scratch. Didn't get much from NIN subjob except Dual Wield which let me equip an extra pet physical damage taken -10% axe.

BST99/DNC49 SOLO Was a tough fight,took 14 mins, 20 Dawn Mulsums,an 7 Thetas. No special gear just 2 Maiden tabars,Walmart turbin,Askar body & pants,Ferine gloves an feet+1. Used GooeyGerard and hit familiar right after call beast,then sent him in an i stood against the door healing when necessary. Used spur and purulent ooze when ready.--Siros 01:30, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

BST + BLM Duo (90 cap)

  • This fight was a joke due to lvl 90 cap and dawn mulsums. I went in with dipper and blm stunned -gas to be safe and -gaed the copies. bst and blm both took no dmg whole fight and used a single pet + 8 Etas and 6 Mulsums. Could do it using more pets if you wanted to save on mulsums. Kept Bio II on the NM and bst/whm spammed flash -> snarl to help keep pet enmity capped. --Josiahkf 06:52, November 13, 2011 (UTC)


  • Keep in mind, you have 30 minutes to deal 25,000 damage. Do not forget this as you read these and see average damage for moves and plan your setup. You don't have to go overboard on DD; as a matter of fact, if you do so, you're more likely to end up with a dead tank and wipe without a proper healer; with too many people doing too many jobs at once (as multitasking makes it more difficult for the person to do ALL of their jobs with 100% success, which is critical to this mission's success); or have too many DDs generating too much enmity for the tank to keep up. These were my most common problems when attempting this fight the first few times, but once I sat down and actually though about it, it really doesn't take much to hit 25,000 in 30 minutes. For example:
    • SMN can deal anywhere from 400-700 with Predator Claws with Garuda every minute.
    • BLU can deal significant damage with a Cannonball setup; similar damage to Blood Pacts (If properly geared), but recasting two or even three times per minute with Haste.
    • RNG and other physical damage dealers may not be best for this fight if you're doing a pick-up party, as you can't always trust someone that you don't know to do their job right. If you pick up a random ranger or ranged-attacker, and do not emphasize the importance of the tank holding hate for the entire fight (especially after 50% where Judgement poses a significant threat), then your ranged attacker(s) is(are) likely to draw too much hate and get themselves drawn in, usually resulting in either death by Judgement, or being Charmed. Instead, try to invite jobs whose DPS is based on a cool-down timer so that they can't overuse their attacks and generate too much enmity.
      • This isn't to say that RNG (or other ranged attackers) aren't useful; if played properly, they can do more than enough DPS to finish the fight as well. The problem is finding someone to do the job properly. This means that they must hold back on attacking, and (especially after 50%) do NOT go downstairs to WS. WSing the crystal generates a significant amount of enmity and base DPS from ranged attacks alone are enough to kill this boss; the WSes can be saved for clones, or simply not used, to reduce hate generation on ranged attackers.
  • Also, keep in mind that the first 50% of this battle is a cakewalk. Once Judgement starts up and begins to put a strain on your tank and your healer, this is when someone is most likely to make a mistake and cause a wipe.
    • Because Judgement can be so devastating, do NOT allow anyone but the tank to leave the top of the stairs after 50%. Anyone going downstairs at this point risks being caught by a Judgement and either dying or being very close to death; in either case, you put more strain on your healer than they need at that point in the fight. All of their attention should be focused on the tank, not recovering from someone in the party being careless.
    • I also suggest having stunner and healer roles done by two separate people; do NOT bring one RDM/DRK and expect them to Stun and Heal the entire fight. Your Stunner needs to be focused on stun when the recast timer is up, and your healer needs all of their MP and attention for the tank after 50%.
      • Your healer does NOT have to be a RDM; it can be a combination of multiple people pitching in such as a party with multiple SMN, or one solid healer such as a skilled WHM/SCH.
        • The stunner also does NOT have to be RDM; BLM and DRK can both work Stun duty quite effectively, though I still suggest that they have /RDM for Fast Cast II.
    • I also suggest that your stunner not be assigned any other roles. If your stunner does not have their attention focused 100% on Stun when the recast timer is up, it is likely they'll be caught casting some other spell or resting when an -aga goes off. If you have someone who heals or nukes while Stun is on cooldown, but returns focus 100% to Stun once it's up, it would be sufficient.
    • To ensure that all of your heals land on the PLD at all times, I suggest allowing your PLD to run up to the ramp with the rest of the party. This allows pulling of clones much more easily, and ensures that the PLD is rarely, if ever, out of Cure range.
  • A ranged setup is all about patience. Take the fight slowly and don't try to rush it by going overboard on the DPS, make sure everyone does their job right, and your chance of success is very high. If you try to rush and let someone screw up, even minor mistakes in this battle can result in a wipe.
  • Also note that ANY job can potentially fill the clone duty role. The only requirement here is some method of pulling the clones, and some way to efficiently kill them while putting the least amount of strain possible on the rest of the party.
  • Finally, the general idea behind this build:
    • A tank. This is usually done by PLD/RDM, but others have worked; testimonials below. I personally suggest that the tank run up to the platform with the rest of the party immediately upon being drawn in. This allows the tank some periods of no damage between longer draw-in recasts, and moving immediately after being drawn in reduces the odds of being hit with Charm. In none of my fights was my tank ever charmed by running away immediately after being drawn in.
    • A stunner. Traditionally, RDM/DRK, but BLM or DRK can be put on Stun duty just as effectively. It is very important that your stunner stun only -agas so as not to build up too much Stun resistance during this fight. This is also the reason that having one dedicated stunner is generally better than having two or more people with too many roles. Using these guidelines, you don't want your stunner to have too much else to worry about anyway, so using BLM or DRK is not detrimental to your party in any way if they do nothing but Stun. RDM/DRK is also not detrimental given that they do not get distracted and miss a Stun while attempting to Cure or buff other party members.
      • This tends to not be the case in traditional set-ups listed below, as they tend to assign too many roles to one person in either the healer or stunner role, either by combining healer and stunner, or combining stunner and clone-duty, thereby increasing the likelihood that the stunner or healer will make a mistake because their attention isn't where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Keep this in mind when building your party.
    • A healer. Try your best keep your healer's side-roles to a minimum, as with the Stunner role. During the first 50%, the healer won't be as busy, and this tends to lead to unprepared healers to be taken by surprise when Judgement begins to be used in the last 50%. During the last 50%, you'll be very happy you brought along a dedicated healer when your tank never spends more than a few seconds at low or critical HP, and your healer doesn't run out of MP due to being overworked. Multiple jobs with healing abilities preffered just in case your designated healer can't keep up later in the fight, but a single skilled healer is sufficient.
    • Enough DPS to kill the crystal in the allotted time. Use the above suggestions, or your own common sense, to figure out how much DPS you need. Assuming a 5 minute prep time, however, you'll have to deal at least 1,000 damage per minute to win in the allotted 30 minutes. Keep this in mind when selecting damage dealers, and be sure your damage dealers know that they don't have to do a lot more than 1,000 per minute in order to kill the crystal in time. This is especially important if you bring RNG or other ranged attack DDs, who tend to spam their ranged attack and even, in some cases, their WSes, when it is really not required and only serves to increase the likelihood that they'll take hate from the tank and cause more problems for the party.
    • Someone on clone duty. This can be done by any job who can pull the clones and kill them while putting minimal strain on the rest of the party. Any melee who can't fill any other role can fit in here, or any ranged attacker can use their stored TP on these to drop them in one hit. A BLM can also drop these in one spell; just keep in mind that if your BLM is also on Stun duty, they may not be able to deal with clones if they spawn at a bad time in relation to Stun recast or -aga cast. If your Stunner if your designated clone killer, assign a secondary clone killer. Primary Clone killer PUP/WAR works extremely well, voke the clones and take a hit or 2 while BLM frame 1 shots them.
  • Please note, these are all my personal suggestions for building a successful ranged party. These are my opinions and I have only used them personally; I developed these guidelines during my thought process on coming up with a more successful ranged strategy after 3 failures with other set-ups mentioned here. I was able to win without a hitch on my 4th try after thinking through this battle logically with the basic information we have. My testimonial on this fight is below, in the ranged section, if you want more detailed information on who I brought and their specific roles. Keep in mind that these are only guidelines, and if you come up with any ideas that don't fit a "traditional" set-up for this fight, your party may still have a chance of victory if everyone knows their role and has the proper subjob and gear for their role. Also, I realize some of these suggestions are probably listed elsewhere; I just took what pissed me off about my first few tries and turned it into a solid strategy, and decided to relay it here in case anyone else finds it useful. I apologize for the wall of text.--Erwing 14:40, December 2, 2009 (UTC)

  • Tried this setup twice last night, MNK tank kept getting charmed and then healers kept getting drawn in, it went well all up until the end, and then it started falling apart. The second time, the MNK was able to run out of most of the Seed of Deferences in time, but one of the times he did get charmed, got the WHM drawn in, he accidentally ran to the wrong side of the arena and died, and then we all shortly wiped thereafter.

There appears to be a way to prevent it from using charm. That seems to be the secret to winning with any build. A PLD tank is far from necessary, and tests with puppet attachments lead me to believe the normal attack isn't even magical.

  • Do we know the way to prevent it from using Seed of Deference or what do you mean by "prevent it from using charm", just running away when you see it pop up in the log?
  • It is magical damage, Third Eye doesn't anticipate the attack nor does it disappear.
  • Just did this with my PLD, my gear was as follows: Earth Staff, Mythril grip +1, Bibiki seashell, Iron ram sallet, parade gorget, mermans earring, Hades earring, AF body, Iron ram dasantas, 2 coral rings, boxer's mantle, warwolf belt, Iron ram hose and Iron Ram greaves. Skill > Gear, and no one got charmed once. Not even me.
  • Red Mage tanks with a Magic Defense Bonus set up also make a mockery of everything this enemy throws at them, Seed of Judgment never did over 450 Damage to a good Red Mage tank.
  • Stunner. Need a Stunner for most Ranged and Zerg strategies. Stun only -aga III's.
  • If you are using a COR + WHM, I suggest the COR has a Luzaf's Ring so he or she can land Evoker's Roll on the tank. Full time Evokers & Chaos rolls.
  • Avoid weapon with harmful add.effect like silence, paralyze or stun since Seed Thrall copy it.
  • Had an issue in one fight where the two backup stunners were free-stunning during most of the fight, which we think led to the Seed Crystal becoming immune to stun at about 7% health. I've never seen this happen when the designated stunner was the only one stunning specifically the -aga's and abilities, with backup stunners only stunning when the main stunner's timer was down. Hope this helps someone.--LuthienOfSeraph 17:16, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Had the main tank as a PLD/DRK, who was also the main stunner, and this seemed to work well. Other fights I've done, the stunner tends to get hate, which can become a problem if not dealt with carefully. Not an absolute necessity, but may be a key difference for those who have struggled with the fight repeatedly.--LuthienOfSeraph 17:16, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Just did this fight with SAM/WARx4, BRD/WHM, and RDM/DRK. SAM's Medi'd to 200%, Hasso, waited for Medi timer to reset, got Hasted, then zerged. No SC, just spam WS. BRD used Soul Voice and Minuetx2, and main healed, while RDM CS-stunned ONLY. Had no problems, charm or death. Fight lasted 6minutes, 57 seconds from entrance to win, So we -may- have fought it for a minute. Very effective strategy, without the silly setups.
  • I tanked this fight as a PLD/WAR, and equipped an Unyielding Ring (Enhances resist charm effect). I resisted charm both times I failed to outrun Seed of Deference.

  • I have personally repeated this fight about 10 times, lost maybe 3 times based primarily on setup. With the following, I have never seen anyone fail this fight:
  • PLD/RDM (-MDT/MDB build): Tank
  • RDM/DRK: Stunner/Buffer/Back-up Healer
  • BLU/WAR OR BLM or SCH: Thrall Killer/Back-up DD
  • WHM OR SCH OR RDM/WHM: Primary Healer
  • You can bring 2 RDMs and finish with ease. You can sacrifice one DD for a COR and still win. You can double up most of the above jobs (RNGx2, SMNx2, SAMx2, BLUx2) and win. I do not recommend CORx2 as your damage output will be too slow.
  • BLU is highly convenient for one-shotting Thralls and DDing the Crystal with Cannonball. If you do bring a BLM, rep your BLU with him/her, but do not rely on him/her to Stun. BLMs can nuke the Crystal (use T3) and one-shot Thralls (much like the BLU's function), but you can't expect them to cast two spells at once. If you're in the middle of killing Thralls/nuking the Crystal/resting MP and you need to stun a -ga, you will find yourself in trouble. Don't pigeonhole them into only Stunning either because then they will become dead weight.
  • I highly recommend bringing a second healer since the RDM/DRK will be busy stunning and refreshing, but I have seen setups that have cleared it with only the RDM as healer and stunner.
  • The only dangers at all are Seed of Deference and one of the DDs pulling too much hate. These two events will cause near irreparable damage to your enmity mechanics and will almost certainly precipitate into a wipe. This is not a race. You can easily finish this fight in under 25 minutes with this strategy with literally no complications whatsoever.


  • Regardless of what it says about zerging below, please do not try it if you arent a top geared player. Tried 3 times to zerg this with very decently geared players and failed. Did it once with a PLD/WAR tank with average gear(me), a rdm/drk to stun the -ga's, a whm to heal, and the 2 rngs and war just did DD and clone killing. No one ever got charmed, no one really took any damage but me. This is the simplest way to do this(in my opinion). Finished fight with 10 minutes to spare. The guy at the top is right with the MNK tank video. Any 3-4 DD and a few mages can win this easily. Zerg wins seems to come by luck of TP moves done by the crystal. If it does 2 judgements in a row under 50% your zerg is fail. All I did as Paladin with ok gear is run left and spam JA's and flash whenever I could.
  • Builds quick resistance to Souleater from 200 to 20+ dmg with Kraken Club.
  • Blue Mage (Tested tonight with a 1/1 success) Can be VERY effective in a ranged setup using Cannonball. Set as many +STR & +VIT spells as you can. Bring vit/str/def equipment. Go blu/war for defender & also eat def food like a tav taco. On 75blu/37war I had def at over 750 shooting cannonballs every 20s for between 300-450 per shot. Since with haste you can fire 3 off per minute, it's considerably more damage than predator claws. (Baring in mind, I had evokers roll and refresh to keep MP up)
  • Paladin tank required when not zerging, and needs a gear build heavy in reducing magic damage taken.
  • Most successful Ranged setup seems to be: WHM/SCH, RNG, RNG, PLD, BLM + a DD that can take care of the Seed Thrall. Ranger can be replaced with a Corsair.
  • BLU and SMN are also very good DD in a range setup.
  • Most successful Zerg setups are: MNK DRK SAM WAR BRD RDM/DRK or MNK MNK MNK MNK MNK BRD.
  • What is this statement basing "most successful" on? So far no dominant testimonial via zerg has not included a RDM/DRK. So saying 5x MNK + 1BRD Soul voice is pretty unfounded. On a personal side note, 5x monk + 1 BRD has an extremely high chance of failure, id say surely 90%+. You have no way to prevent Seed of Judgement, and no way to stop any aoe attacks. You will probably wipe @ the 2nd Seed of Judgement, if not sooner. And we're not even bringing up AoE charm or Thralls. Most successful would imply a method that has been done repeatedly and proven to be true; not once or twice & broke thru on a chance of monster TP moves.

Please post evidence and founded facts before placing "most successful zerg setups" at the top of a strategies page where its the first thing people see....

  • Yes! Now I can finally join the ranks of the wiki people and say I have finally beaten this mission! RDM/WHM(Panicy) RDM/DRK(Aunya) PLD/WAR(Thegooch) RNG/NIN(Emilise) SAM/RNG(Stanislaw) SMN/WHM(Solstice). Easy fight, just take your time. We had the PLD keep running to the stairs, I don't think he got hit by a single AoE except for Charm, which was quickly slept. Have one designated healer, one stunner, one tank, everyone else a ranged damage dealer and you will almost guarantee a win! Good luck! --Panicy
  • Note to those tanking, I went PLD/WAR and had no issues, Flash and Voke whenever possible, but most importantly when not in range of charm. Always run to the exit door, this is because if for some freak accident, you die, you are most likely in an area safe for rez. Stuns are not needed for this fight, they help, but im 3/3 on this fight, never had rdm blu or drk, Whm does better on this just to keep tank buffed and healthy. Have one DD dedicated to killing the Thralls, and the rest nuke/range/blood pact the boss. As long as everyone stays by the door, noone but the tank should ever take any damage. P.S. Tanks should remember to equip magic damage reduction gear.



  • We came geared for a standard fight nothing special. At the start of the fight we went in and buffed the MNK and then healed mp, then the monk began assaulting the crystal while we all stayed at the door. Keeping in mind that the monk would run back to the door to avoid charm. The SAM and I took care of the clones that were spawned, while the SMN healed the MNK. The RDM was there for stun duty, and the COR for back up healing and buffs. We finished this fight with everyone at nearly full health and missed the time record by 3 seconds. So those of you that think it cant be done without ranged attacks or that you have to zerg it try this it works a lot better ^^ --Tetsua


  • MNK TANK WORKS GREAT!!! Now 1/1 on this! :)
    • What you need: MNK get as much HP gear (merits too if possible) as possible. Carbonara as food helps alot.
    • BLU eats a tav taco and wears high defense gear since all he/she will be doing is Coccon ---> Cannonball the whole fight.
    • NIN handles the thralls with a low delay ranged attack weapons (we used darts).
    • BLU assists NIN only when waiting for Cannonball recast timer, only melee, saving MP for Cannonball.
    • BLM is put on strict STUN duty (only -aga spells), only enfeebling and Bio when waiting on Stun recast timer.
    • WHM focuses on healing and keeping Haste and Regen on MNK. Used Afflatus Solace so Cures gave the small Stoneskin bonus.
    • RDM keeps all mages refreshed while keeping Phalanx on MNK, and assists healing.
    • Bring Yag drinks for backup.
    • Everyone except MNK stays at the top of the steps.
    • MNK starts fight with Boosted Chi Blast and Hundred Fists to establish hate.
    • RDM and WHM bounce Cures, curing only when MNK gets to yellow HP to avoid overhealing building hate.
    • MNK outruns Seed of Deferance, endures everything else.
  • This setup worked perfectly for us with very little problem. MNK was unable to outrun one Deferance and got charmed, but we recovered quickly. NIN had some trouble with NIN and MNK copies (be warned copies can and will use additional effects from weapons of those who they are copying, as NIN was using Stun katanas and kept getting stunned himself), and Benediction was used at about 20%, but other than that smooth fight. Consider this if you cannot find a tank!

~Dok of Fairy~

WINS: Ranged


  • Prior to the fight, since we had no Refresher, I crafted and distributed Yagudo Drinks.
  • DRG/BLU - Clone duty, I pulled with Pinecone Bomb if they were too far, or Feather Storm if they were running up to us. Healing Breath available if necessary, but in this case, the closest I got to death was fighting my own clone.
  • WHM/SCH - Full heal duty. Between yag drinks and Sublimation, he never ran low on MP. He tossed Devotion to the PLD once or twice, and aside from that, just kept the PLD alive the whole fight. He was also able to keep the PLD alive very well, PLD never dropped below about 600, and even then he was never any less than white HP for more than 3 seconds.
  • SMN/WHM - Both of them focused on Predator Claws for DPS. They were the primary source of damage. My thought process behind this was we had 30 minutes for a 25,000 HP fight, so with 1k damage per minute, that left 5 minutes of prep time. We used less than a minute for prep, so 2x SMN was more than enough to end the fight in time, deaing, usually, 500-700 per BP, with some rarely hitting for slightly below 500.
  • PLD/RDM - He went in with Flash+Shield Bash first, then spammed through JAs (including 2hr) for initial hate and to minimalize losses from JA reset. After that, swapped to Iron Ram Lance for damage reduction. He had primarily PLD AF, so he wasn't geared for heavy mdef. Throughout the fight, recast Flash/etc and reuse JAs as available to hold hate. I gave him a Carbonara for the extra HP, but it wasn't really necessary since the WHM did such a good job.
  • BLM/RDM - Stun duty, full time. He never missed a stun, but got hate on a few occasions when PLD was slacking since it's so easy to hold hate when there's no one doing constant DPS, just BPs.
  • This fight lasted 25.5 minutes.
  • No one but PLD ever 2hr'ed either. The plan was to save the Benediction/Manafont/Astral Flow for a last resort if the tank somehow did die when the crystal was at low HP, but this never happened.
  • Overall, absolutely perfect fight. No one even got close to death, no one but PLD and myself ever even took a hit (and only me because I was taking the clones), no one ran out of MP. Keep in mind though, I supplied enough yagudo drinks to last everyone the entire fight and then put some extra in my Bazaar at 1gil each in case that wasn't enough, so we DID have Refresh, even though no job had the spell or ability to use it. I had Healing Breath ready to go at all times, but never had to use it (except on myself a few times while fighting clones - I had instructed the WHM to not worry about me unless something went wrong, to focus on the PLD.) One of the SMN was skeptical of the set-up when he saw DRG and WHM, but we all left with a victory and for those of us who didn't have it already, new armor.
  • Prior to this I had 3 failures, mostly due to RNG in the party drawing too much aggro and setting off a chain reaction which resulted in wipe, or PLD dropping after Judgement started firing off. I thought up this setup to resolve both issues. Originally I had planned for a BLU and a SMN, but 2x SMN worked just as well.--Erwing 09:04, December 2, 2009 (UTC)


  • DRK/WAR: TANK I opened the fight with Provoke and proceeded to burn through all my JA's. I would use all my JA's whenever they were available. I would occasionally throw out Sleep and Bind for further hate buildup and saved Stun for -ga3's. Constantly ran from Crystal and waited to the side of the stairs, watching timers on JA's and focusing on Stunning -ga3's.
  • RNG/NIN: DAMAGE RNG used normal range attack for most of the fight. Sidewinders were saved to one shot Seed Thralls until the halfway point, then would wait until DRK used Last Resort and Warcry before letting loose with a Sidewinder onto the crystal. This routine kept the RNG from overtaking the tank on the hate list.
  • SAM/RNG: CLONE DUTY SAM was initially going to help damage the Crystal, but Range Accuracy was too low to be reliable. Mostly focused on pulling any Seed Thralls the RNG didn't kill.
  • SMN/WHM: DAMAGE SMN used a few Bloodpact Wards such as Stoneskinga or Blinkga, but mostly focused on Garuda Bloodpact Predator Claws whenever the BP was ready. In order to prevent hate buildup on SMN, he would let Garuda stay out attacking the Crystal until it was killed instead of Releasing pet.
  • WHM/SCH: HEAL WHM would throw out Regens and Cures on tank whenever hp dipped into the yellow, as well as cure RNG whenever he went in to Sidewinder and was close enough to be hit w/ AE attacks.
  • RDM/WHM: REFRESH/HEAL RDM would keep WHM, SMN, and DRK Refreshed and Hasted. MP was never a problem, ensuring we could outlast the Crystal. In fact, MP was full so often that the RDM attempted Tier3 nukes and the WHM cast a Holy, but the damage dealt was so minuscule that it wasn't worth it.


  • We had initially attempted this fight with a PLD tank and no Stunner, but even with 30+ Magic Resist and Iron Lance for -10% Dmg taken and Resentment Cape -5% MDmg taken, the -ga3's would hit for 500+ and be a considerable drain on the WHM's mp.
  • During one attempt we had 2 SMN, so one came SMN/DRK to stun the -ga3's, but Stun seemed to have no effect whatsoever. *During another attempt we had a Blu who watched for the casts and used Headbutt, but it also failed to interrupt. I decided to switch from PLD to DRK and wear my normal PLD tanking set for enmity+ and MDef, and hope that Max Dark Magic Skill on DRK would ensure Stun would interrupt casts.
  • For the 2nd to last attempt had no RDM for Refresh, so we all brought Yagudo Drinks and several Hi-Ethers. We did well until the 25% mark.
  • RNG kept pulling hate off DRK w/ Sidewinders on the Crystal, several times Stun recast was not ready when -ga3 was cast, Seed Thralls were living long enough to aggro and interrupt the SMN from healing, and we wiped at 10% w/ 3 minutes left. *Decided that with RDM for Refresh and Haste we should be able to outlast the Crystal.
  • During the winning fight we decided that the RNG would save Sidewinders and Barrage until after big hate JA's to avoid overtaking DRK on hate while still doing increased damage. We had the group sit on the left (when facing the Crystal) of the top of the stairs while I ran to the left (when facing the door) of the staircase. We noticed in earlier runs that this setup allowed enough room for the group to avoid getting hit with the =ga3's, just in case a cast got through the Stun.
  • The fight went smoothly until the last five minutes when the RDM's keyboard went haywire and she had to /heal to avoid running all over the battlefield. With our Refresh gone my (DRK) mp started to dip, so I attempted to use a Yag Drink when I was Drawn In. The item use animation kept me from running right away, and I was then charmed. The WHM Reposed me immediately, but the RNG was next on the list and was drawn in, then immediately hit with a Seed of Judgement and killed. The WHM was next to be Drawn In, but the SAM ran down to the crystal and was able to WS and finish the fight.
  • Were it not for the technical hiccup, the run would have been flawless. As it were, we had only one death at the end and left with 9 minutes to spare.

-Vandalien, Sylph


  • RDM/BLM used Bio II to get hate on the Seed Thralls and then commenced using melee attacks and teir3 elemental spells to make quick work of them. Backup healed when needed. Used Refresh on himself and the SMN. Stayed against the door, two hour was not consumed or used during the fight.
  • RDM/DRK used Stun to interrupt all of the "aga" spells, to me, this is key in an easy win. Healed the PLD as needed. Used Refresh on himself and the PLD. two hour was neither used nor consumed.
  • SMN/WHM after the pld got initial hate used Astral Flow and kept damage going throughout the fight concentrating only on damaging the Seed Crystal. Stayed on stairs with RDMs
  • PLD/WAR initially used Invincible and kept hate using Provoke and Sentinel. Healed self for the most part and kept running from side to side of the battlefield as he was summoned. No other party members were summoned by the Seed Crystal during the entire battle.
  • RNG/NIN used 2hour after pld got initial hate. Stayed on stairs with RDMs and focused on the Seed Crystal the entire time.
  • BRD/WHM Slept when needed (Seed of Deception is sometimes spammed causing multiple Seed Thralls to spawn, this can get messy if not kept under control). Kept Ballad up for the mages (This extra MP was a very key factor in the stability of the fight in my opinion). Stayed on stairs with RDMs.
  • At no point during this fight were we ever in danger.


  • Paladin geared for Magic Defense, spammed all abilities at the start and as they came available, would run up the stairs whenever she was drawn in.
  • White Mage did her usual thing, putting up Aerial Armor when possible.
  • Samurai was on Seed Thrall patrol, he mostly solo'd them all as they popped. Red Mage stunned all the aga's and provided support and nuked the Seed Thralls when Stun was down.
  • Warrior used Ranged attacks on the Seed Crystal WS'ing Sidewinder.
  • Corsair kept up Chaos Roll and Rouges Roll most of the time but switched it up to Evokers and Healers roll when mp was needed.
  • Corsair also used ranged attacks on the Seed Crystal WS'ing Slug Shot.
  • Pretty safe fight with 6 minutes remaining, main points are to have the Paladin constantly on the run from the Seed Crystal, have someone assigned to Seed Thrall duty and have your party try to get as close to the wall as possible when you see "Seed of Judgement" (It is a good idea for the Paladin to run the opposite direction of the party when it starts casting an ~aga just in case it doesn't get stunned) --VixenAsura


  • Paladin ran in and used invincible, drawing hate from the Crystal, and continued to provoke/flash/keep hate while running clockwise around the crystal. Was equipped with Terra's staff for damage minus.
  • The black mage and scholar nuked the crystal while the ranger and corsair took care of the weaker spawns, thus building their TP to weapon skill on the crystal.
  • The corsair also gave the three mages Evoker's Roll. The white mage simply kept the PLD alive at all times, used 3-4 Yagudo Drinks, and when they needed to rest, the SCH took over healing temporarily. When one of the DD got charmed, it was easy for one of the mages to sleep them until no longer charmed.
  • It is vitally important that everyone except the PLD stay out of AOE range, at the top of the entrance ramp. AOEs have a range of about 15, so if you stay back far enough, which is farly easily done, the only person who will have to deal will them is the PLD.
  • The white mage will have to run in range to cure the PLD at times, but if you run back out of range quickly enough, any serious danger can be avoided.
  • We won with about 7 minutes to spare. As long as you keep a steady pace, this can be a relaxed, if very drawn out fight. --Madaliene


  • One of the hardest fights in game so far seemed to get harder as Hp went down at 50% it spawned 3 seeds in a row. *SAM/RNG had 2 hr and 3 sidedewinder nailed all 3 but could have gone horribly wrong.
  • At 10% 2 Seed of Nihility instantly in a row to killed the PLD.
  • Won with 3 ppl left aliveand 9:30 left on the clock. Was really interesting fight.


  • Beat this with just 1 RNG DDing the Seedcrystal and with 3 minutes spare no drama just a fun fight with friends helping a DNC out that couldnt get an invite. --Sonicuk 04:10, 19 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Won in just under 12 minutes.
  • Opened with PLD using invincible and voking to get hate.
  • One RDM was main stun/backup heal, Other RDM was main heal/backup stun.
  • We all stood at the top of the steps, except the PLD.
  • SMN used Garuda Claws everytime it was up.
  • RNG's used Barrage on crystal and killed clones.
  • RDM stunned all aga's and we hugged the back wall during judgement.
  • We just stayed patient and kept our stategy the whole time and we won.


  • Won with 8 Min. Remaining.
  • RNG Opened up with EES since it was going to take 2hours away anyway.
  • BLM also Manafonted and Dropped Freeze II, Burst II, Blizzaga III, and Thundaga III, stunning when I saw the Crystal try to Aga III us.
  • RNG took care of SeedCrystal and its pets with SCH or RDM helping from time to time.
  • WHM and RDM kept BLM hasted for stuns(BLM also wore Walahra Turban). Once my Manafont was done, I never nuked again, only focused on Stuns.
  • SCH kept everyone stoneskin'd up and Phalanx'd while nuking every so often.
  • BLM also DOT'd or refreshed his Blink or Stoneskin after a stun. It will feel like you are getting nowhere with this fight, but just keep at it. -- Seanross

PLD/Rdm, WHM/Sch, RDM/Drk, BLM/Rdm, SMN/Drk, RNG/Nin

  • 2x Win with this setup.
  • Paladin starts the fight and hugs the left or right wall. It's recommended for the PLD to use most of their job abilities at the start as they will be reset eventually anyways from his TP move.
  • SMN and RNG Chip away at the crystal.
  • RDM keeps refresh cycles up as MP is a problem with this strat, its all about holding out.
  • The fight normally takes about 20-25 minutes.
  • RDM, BLM, SMN, take turns stunning aga III's.
  • It is advised for the PLD/RDM to be in full magic defense bonus gear to mitigate damage taken.
  • The BLM is in charge of the clones, they can be killed by a Tier 3. If the clones are poping quickly and you find yourself having more than one up at a time, the BLM should aga3 the crystal to kill them both.
  • RNG should watch hate as if they are getting drawn-in they won't be able to DD.
  • The entire party should be up on the ramp when you zone in to the BC 15 away at all times unless to sidewinder or chaotic strike. The use of chaotic strike over pred claws can be debated but they do roughly around the same damage and chaotic strike adds more stun.
  • At 50% the crystal will use Judgement. After 50% Judgement is random in its TP spam.
  • WHM should keep Auspice up on the RNG at all times and haste cycle for RDM, BLM and SMN for stuns. Medicine is important, *It should also be noted that the crystal can be aspired. Most important, stay alive and stay out of 15 range. Aayenn 02:29, 11 April 2009 (UTC) Neyaa, Ifrit


  • Just finally won after 4 failed attempts.
  • Strat was pretty simple: PLD goes in and uses Flash, Stun, Souleater, Last Resort, and Invincible (pretty much everything to get max hate ASAP).
  • RNG's 2hr ASAP as well, everyone else's isn't that important. I personally burned Chainspell to buff everyone instantly. *Next, and this is key, the PLD needs to run up and down the ramp advoiding all the crystals AoE WS's (we tried it with the PLD running to the left and right side, with no luck, makes it much harder to cure at max distance) while the RNG's do their best to deal max damage but not draw a mass amount of hate.
  • Our RNG's were personally saving their WS's to one shot the clones that would pop up.
  • The RDM should focus on stunning all aga's while keeping the PLD hasted and refreshed, as well as the SMN and SCH if they need it, and also keep Dia II/III on the crystal to help w/ damage.
  • Meanwhile, the SCH will be your main healer keeping everyone alive, tho if you're doing it right, the PLD should be the only one who ever gets below yellow.
  • As for the SMN, they should be spamming Predator Claws when ever they can. Now, once the crystal hit's 50%ish, it will most likely use Judgement, but with your PLD running up and down the ramp, they should almost never get hit with it, and neither should anyone else since they will be all the way at the top of the ramp. And, Judgement is the main reason why you want your PLD running up and down the ramp instead of left to right, simply because there is a very high chance that your PLD will be up at the top of the ramp when it tries to use that ability, which will cause it to miss the PLD.
  • Our PLD was only hit with the very 1st Judgement, after that, she was missed the next three times it tried to use it because she was at the top of the ramp. So, if you just keep the damage slow and steady, and have good RNG's that can one shot the clones, you'll be fine.
  • Also, I can't stress how important meds are for this fight. Elixir's, Hi-Elixir's, Vile's, etc. are life savers for your healers, as there is usually very little room to stop and rest MP. RedDragon08 21:52, 13 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Also like to confirm the general strategy Neyaa posted above.
  • You want one PLD/RDM. You also want one RDM, either subbing whm as main healer or subbing drk as main stun and seed thrall duty.
  • If you have your first RDM on heals, you can have either another RDM/DRK or BLM for stuns/thrall.
  • If you have your first RDM sub DRK for stun, you can have any other healing job. 4th slot you'll want a BRD or COR, although COR is prefered.
  • Last two slots you want ranged DD, SMN being the preference by far. For the fight, anyone with a useful 2hr should use it at the start, including PLD.
  • After that PLD holds hate as best he can while constantly running back to the ramp after draw-in; running to the side is not necessary.
  • RDM should refresh and haste stunner just to be safe. Seed Thralls can be killed with a single tier 3, so it's best to have a mage on that. The boss doesn't cast -gas very often, a BLM w/o haste won't have problems with recast. As long as everyone stays out of ~15' you won't ever have any trouble keeping up with cures. Nothing will hit you not charm, nihiliti, or judgement.
  • Whoever that gets Drawn-In should run back to ramp asap.
  • DDs just damage slowly, and that's about it. Personally, I went with PLD/RDM, COR/RNG, SMN/WHM, RDM/WHM, BLM/RDM, DRK/SAM and won in 16 minutes 47 seconds. Was never in any trouble whatsoever. Everyone was always white HP except the boss's current target and MP was never an issue.
  • Probably could've shaved a few more minutes off if the DRK had a more useful job. --ImperialPanda 04:34, 11 April 2009 (UTC)


  • We are 1/1 And the fight isn't very hard if you just go slow and steady, we did it in about 25min, no real danger.
  • PLD should hold the left/right wall, and tank close to the stairs against the wall "Around the pillar". Everytime the PLD gets drawn in (It will spam it) just run back to the designated spot.
  • I will stress this, its quite important, Mages/DDs have to be careful not to get the hate, if you do, you will get drawn in and most likely die or cost you good mp and time, there is no playing cool DD that does uber damage, as you can make your team fail.
  • SMN is very good as it does good damage and doesn't get hate, the real job is damage only, ours never had to cure once, *WHM+RDM is more than enough to handle all the curing and refresh/haste etc.
  • The clones always pop once at a time, but can spawn really slow or quite fast, i've seen 3 pop in an interval of about 1min.
  • PUP is a very good addition to the PT, with Stormwaker you can oneshot all the clones and never run out of MP, I was told BLMs tend to run out of MP toward the end, might be a good idea to pickup one.
  • PLD/RDM is a must, you have no job ability whatsoever, so hate is help with RDM spells and Flash.
  • 2 Healers is not too many, its just enough, without both it would be a danger, refresh is also important, exceptionally if you have a SMN or BLM.
  • Never go down the steps, ever, @ the first step, you can get hit with AOEs, our ranger got hit once, stress this in your group, quite important. - Kahoru Of Asura


  • Won with this setup the first time, took about 18 minutes to win.
  • I can confirm Kahoru's note about PUP on the clones.
  • I was the PUP/WHM, solely focused on taking care of the Seed Thrall.
  • I would randomly help with cures too, but one-shotting the clones was pretty huge. Merited 5 Automaton magic and wearing Pantin legs/feet, without any maneuvers, my automaton was generally hitting for over 900. I was able to Deploy to get the nuke cast going, and retrieve my automaton back to the top of the stairs out of AOE range. Thankfully, the boss didn't spam the clones too often.
  • I really only needed to A.D.D. once, when it spawned 2 clones back to back. The rest of the time, I had plenty of opportunities to rest my automaton (and myself) back to full MP.
  • Other than that, we basically just had the SMNs constantly spamming Garuda BPs.
  • The PLD got charmed once, but the dual Garudas handled the tanking in the meantime. - Alake 15 April 2009


  • Walked in buffed Taru gain hate 2hr ect rangers 2hr ect.
  • Traded stuns with other RDM on -GA and judgement. BIO 2-3 works wonders.
  • PLD run to us on platform where we stayed entire fight for fresh and haste.
  • Rangers picked off clones as they popped. If one clone popped 1 ranger soloed it while other continued to punish the crystal.
  • Was NEVER in any danger of wipe.
  • RDMs assisted refresh ect cure with whm when there stun wasnt up. MAKE A STUN CALL. One mistake on stun order can cause you a wipe.
  • Communication will win this Fight. 14 min win 5/6got CS and i almost slapped my self i forgot to touch last orb before entering fight.
  • Came back w/o 2hr same strat WIN. Alexander Server Thank you Redfuse Dellapheus ,Pooky ,Leostrife, Sheringham for helping me get back my win "Untraced".


  • PLD ran in voked flashed spammed all abilities at the start since he would eventually get caught in Seed of Nihility.
  • PLD kept running to walls after draw-in.
  • COR maintained Evoker's role on RDMs and SMNs as well as Mangus role to enhance magic defense.
  • SMNs used a variety of Blood pacts ranging from 1000 damage to as low as 250 damage. RDM/drk's healed PLD and other party members as needed (mostly PLD) and stunned frequently, but making especially sure to stun -gaIII's.
  • PLD got charmed twice, in that case the one who was drawn in (both times the RDMs, first me then the other RDM) would act like the PLD and run to the wall.
  • First time I(RDM) died but i was up against the side wall. After PLD was up again, was able to RR, stoneskin/cure and run to the pt at the door.
  • RDMs nuked the Seed Thralls (One shotted with Blizzard III).
  • Battle ended in just over 25 minutes. Good Luck to everyone out there.


  • PLD held hate while constantly running from the Seed Crystal.
  • Summoner's used Predator Claws the entire fight while the Black Mage single tier III nuked the Seed Thralls. One tier III took out a Seed Thrall with no problem.
  • Paladin had an Aegis and firmed the -ga III's from the Seed Crystal as stunning the -ga's seemed to net the Black Mage too much hate. Worked quite well with no issues at all.


  • Everyone stays at the stairs/entrance.
  • SMNs would use Predator Claws.
  • BLM nuked when he could and took care of clones as they popped.
  • PLD just kept running to a wall as the crystal uses draw in a lot.
  • Rest is self explanatory. Fight took us a little over 26 minutes and there were no real moments where we had to panic.
  • GL everyone PS (from another member of that group): I noticed a SMN's Predator Claws did 2x damage (1280 instead of 640-ish) soon after he used Seed of Judgment. Might be worth investigating.


  • Recommend PLD/DRK tank in magic defense gear(Stun went 99% unresisted and PLD was able to keep hate the entire time).
  • PLD/DRK + WHM + RDM + 3 DD capable of ranged damage can easily handle this fight.
  • I would recommend coming fully prepared with meds though.
  • As WHM I took Vile Elixir, Vile Elixir +1, and Pro-Ether +1 and ended up using all three.
  • Built TP on clones and ran in for WS. It seemed to summon clones at set intervals. It would go several minutes without cloning and then it would do 2-3 clones in a row. It is -very- important that the PLD at the very least 2hrs immediately after the mob is tagged. If you try to hold your 2hrs you will lose them when it gets off a lucky JA reset. Only 2hrs used were Invincible + EES at the start, then we didn't know whether JA reset was ST or AoE so we held the rest, only to lose them shortly after.


  • Pld wear all the HP gear (and Iron ram for magic def or Crimson pants and boots) you can cause judgment can eat your butt you're too close, and use a Pescatora (bread and rice), spaghetti one's fine.
  • Buff when you go in.
  • EVERYONE stands on the top of the stairs during the entire fight.
  • You do NOT want close range melee's in this fight if it can be helped, it just gives u more headaches curing and with clones popping.
  • We had enough clones as it was. Just use ranged attacks.
  • PLD ran in got hate, and kept running back to the top of the stairs every time he got drawn in (which was quite often). *The PLD needs to STAY on the stairs with everyone else, just get close to voke or w/e then get farther back outta range of anything.
  • Everyone needs to get as far back as they possible can, mages ON the door (stick your face in it if you have to lol).
  • SAM would just rng attack, and kill clones as they came after us.
  • RDM would help heal if neccesary, stun ga spells, and sleep the pld or sam if they got charmed. One stunner is enough if they're on the ball.
  • COR kept up evoker and hunter rolls and did w/e else he could to help like melee the clones.
  • And me on SMN, i'd put up earthen ward if we got hit with a ga if stun was resisted. other then that did nothing but pred claw and release, and healing ruby II's if we got hit with judgement. I never got hit with it though, as i was up against the door unless I was moving the couple feet to get close enough to Assault/Blood Pact (pred claw).
  • By the way Judgement isn't it's 2 hour, unless it can 2 hour more then once. I don't think it has a two hour.
  • HEALERS can be kinda lax on the cures UNTIL it gets close to 50%, after that KEEP THE PLD FULL. Pld goes down u screwed, and it will start using judgement more then once after 50%.
  • It's actually aprettty easy fight if u keep the PLD alive and just wack away with ranged attacks. By the way dont' bother astral flowing, it does shit dmg (like 150), just use Pred Claw or Chaotic Strike. Nukes also suck. Ramuh's thunderstorm, which i have about equal to a blm's thunder 4, did like 135. SMN's, if it starts popping clones fast, help hold them off with carby till your DD can get it. Like i said above EVERYONE needs to be on the TOP of the stairs, and you usually wont' get hit with anything unless you get drawn in. Hope this helps.--DragonIrons 10:54, 11 April 2009 (UTC) (Azhrei, Garuda)


  • Won this fight on 2nd attempt after doing the first one with Azhrei, then trying again with a new group the next day.
  • For the fight we had me as PLD/WAR (1300hp + Pescatora as food for a max of 1450 and +9MDB) .
  • As the PLD I used JA as soon as they were avalible and constantly ran back to the top of the stairs after being drawn in. *The RDM/DRK only refreshed/buffed/sleeped charms with minimal backup healing to ensure that they would be free to stun any -aga III's.
  • The SMN was told to Garuda and Predator Claws since ww knew that would do good damage. The COR kept evoker's and hunter's roll up at all times and shot at the crystal.
  • The RNG took shots at the crystal and saved tp for any clones. RNG wasnt ideal for this job but it worked well enough.
  • The Fight itself had plenty of up and downs. Just after we entered the RDM dc'd but luckily we were not hit with any -aga III's during that. To start I used all of my JA and the ranger used their 2 hour too just incase i got charmed and they pulled hate. After the RDM returned the first half of the fight was simple enough with me constantly running up the stairs and using my JA as soon as they were ready.
  • The fight got abit harder after 50% with the addition of seed of judgement. A few of our group were standing slightly too close to the crystal and were getting hit with caused a slight strain on the WHM's mp. At one point due to an unlucky round of drawn in and seed of judgement i was left with 400hp and the whm was being to run low on mp so they used their 2 hour to heal me.
  • Generally i would say this was a bad thing as the whm was definately going to take hate with that, however there was a good turn of events. After the whm got drawn in, they also got charmed so were quickly slept by the rdm. At this point the rdm and smn managed to heal between them and when charm wore off the whm, their hate had been reset and their mp had been returned to its maximum. It allowed for a very easy end of the fight becasue there were no worrys about mp. Bertz 03:06, 13 April 2009 (UTC)


  • PLD do the same duty as other PLDs.
  • WHM/BLM will need 3 Hi-Elixiars.
  • COR/RNG does Hunter roller and Refresher roller and also do Range Attack as well.
  • RNG/NIN just do Range Attack.
  • DRG/RDM is on his job to kill all clones. He subbed RDM cuz dia is easy way to pull without getting close to Crystal. *RDM/DRK is backup for healing, stunner, and refresher. That's how we beat it. (April 12th, 2009. Darkzombie : Bahamut)


  • It was laughable easy fight.
  • Paladin ran in flashed crystal, then did what they could for hate while constantly running away from crystal draw in, SCH was buffs and stun for the crystals -aga nukes, WHM used Auspice and main healed, and us DD just chisled away at it from the doorway.
  • Only the paladin ran in, ranged DD only moved about halfway down the ramp to be in range for Sidewinder, then retreated back to the door. Up by the door the high damage AoE move generally referred to as the crystals 2 hour ability doesnt even reach you.
  • SAM/RNG does work, however (as the SAM) I think another RNG main instead may make this setup better, as i was doing half the damage the 2 rangers were, however, I did serve a secondary purpose. When Seed Clones where spawned it was my job to take them out. The bonus to this is a SAM may be weaker at ranged attacks, but they are a little less squishy than a ranger due to Seigan and Third Eye. One should also be mindful that the seed clones have the same gear you do. Example: I was weilding a soboro, so was my clone, (it triple attacked me lol) and also has access to your weaponskills. (It also used Tachi: Gekko on me.) i had about 32 minutes remaining on my 2 hour ability timer when we entered, and was still about 15 or so minutes left after on it, so lots of time remaining.--Kikorimo 11:24, 11 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Very easy battle rng make tp with crystal and use ws with copy smn use garuda and titan for make always stoneskin brd ballada x2 and lullaby pld when charmed , when pld charmed fight with summon out , we cleared in 21min and 11 sec no wipe no death ppl , only fun .


  • I had tried this fight using multiple strategies mentioned above, and none of them seemed to work out well.
  • Perhaps it was the pickup people, but when I brought a static group to pet burn this down, things went very smooth. *Plenty of MP to go around with the two refreshers.
  • Summoners using Garuda and Predator Claws.
  • The Brd and Cor would throw any backup heals, which were nearly never needed.
  • The BLU (myself) had a dual-job. I never was resisted on stun for stunning -aga 3.
  • Also, the seed Thrall are easily two-shotted even when using MP gear, food and vermy cloak to keep up with MP demands. *Cannonball to pull them, and then a Frenetic rip was more than enough. I'm sure a blu with DD gear and food could easily 1 shot them with disseverment. I would also used diamondhide, but the summoners never took damage... It was really only for Myself, the cor, and the brd, who would be drawn in every now and then.
  • Nobody came even remotely close to dying and MP was not an Issue. The difference in this strat and others I had tried was Night and Day. 12 minute fight. highly recommend for those that can collect the required jobs for it. Good luck! ~~Duelmikauzero of Asura~~


  • Very easy fight, I was the PLD and i think any subjob will work nice, /rdm isn't needed. The only gear that was using for mag. def bonus was Iron ram head and lamian kaman, and for magic dmg taken - the iron ram lance. Didn't know that the mob can erase all abilities so i didn't used my 2h at start. Whm did benediction @ 30%. Seed of jugnament was doing 500-600 and ate the 80% of -ga III because the rdm had filter on. Nin/dnc was killing clones, smn was using garuda predator claws.


  • Pld had Mag def bonus + 17, -10% dmg, ~1600 hp with food. The aga3 spells hit pld for about 370-570. Judgement did 500-600 dmg. Nihility did about 250 dmg. Easy win if you can stun all aga and not get charmed. 22 min fight.


  • 1 RNG in charge of Seed Thralls, otherwise both RNG are on Seed Crystal full-time.
  • SMN on Seed Crystal with Blood Pacts.
  • Only difficult part of keeping hate on PLD was spells being interrupted constantly from Draw In. /WHM was mostly useful for the Mag Def Bonus, since getting off stoneskin only happened if either the Crystal was using a ga3 or if the PLD didn't have hate. Not sure on what type of damage PLD would take as /WAR. But hate would be easier to manage with voke.
  • Single-targeted ga3 would land on PLD for about 450 damage. Seed was hitting for about 700ish. Resentment Cape is helpful if Qufim is not under your nation's control. Use JAs once they become available. Used as much mag def / mag dmg down gear as possible.
  • Fight took 11min with no close calls. Charm never landed. A few Seed of Judgment landed on PLD after Draw-In.
  • Second run: PLD/WHM, RNGx2, RDM/DRK, WHM/SCH, BLM. Swapped LS members in for clears.
  • Only thing of note was BLM replaced SMN.
  • Both RNG stayed on Seed full-time.
  • BLM took care of Seed Thralls. Main difference is that with RNG on Seed Crystal full-time, RNG had more hate than first run.
  • RNG worked out very well since when charm did land, they would melee with Fire Staff.
  • When Seed Thrall was a copied ranger, it would range attack with the dmg of a staff. A few close calls (1 RNG down, other RNG @ 10% hp, PLD @ 10%hp).
  • MP was tight most of the battle. Slow and steady, not panicking, and efficient MP use by mages is key to this setup. *Second run took about 18min. Loial


  • The Pld would hold hate and continually run into the closest left corner to stay within cure range. Everyone else stood on the ramp as suggested by many others.
  • The Rdm would stun -ga spells primarily and the Whm healed. The Cor, Rng, and Thf all did ranged damage. I would suggest when running forward to weaponskill that you only run as far as the bend in the ramp, as all 3 ranged attackers at one point or another ran slightly too far and were hit by an AoE of some sort.
  • In the event of the Pld being charmed the Whm would sleep her and the Rdm would continue to watch for -ga spells until the Pld woke up.
  • The Seed Thralls were covered by all DD. Later in the fight the Cor (myself) began to use Quick Draw to attack the thralls.
  • Two shots from QD essentially kills them. This along with the Thf and Rng momentarily changing targets and shooting an arrow made the Thralls a non-issue.
  • The only time things became risky was when the Pld was charmed and the Rng began to get pulled in. No one died however and we managed to complete the fight in roughly 20 mins. My best advice would be to just stun -ga spells, take thralls out quickly, and just slowly chip away at the Crystal's health with ranged attacks. Focant 17:19, 13 April 2009 (UTC)


  • All mages but BLU are on healing duty, either main or support. Only PLD engages the crystal full-time, in front of the stairs. Everyone else stays in either corner at the back.
  • PLD: constant Flash, Provoke, etc. to maintain hate from the crystal. IMPORTANT: MUST try to avoid the charming skill AT *ALL COSTS!!!! (it is OK to be charmed a few times) - this can be done by focusing hard on log, making sure the appropriate filter is turned off.
  • Atonement seemed to do a fair amount of damage, so do engage and attack the crystal, always prepared to run away from getting charmed.
  • WHM and RDM: keep the party (especially PLD) alive, both focusing on stunning AoE spells.
  • BLU: mainly focus on clones. Occasionally cast powerful spells on the crystal; this is dangerous towards the end because of Judgment spam.
  • BRD: constant double ballad, and fish clones with elegy for the BLU to defeat.
  • SMN: constant Fenrir attack, using eclipse bite and lunar cry (not sure how effective this was). Simply recast Fenrir and re-engage when it is defeated.
  • Time taken: ~27 minutes
  • Recommendation: Replace the BRD with SMN or RNG to reduce battle time.
  • Hope this helps.

--ngrmile 00:36, 14 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Other then the PLD all party members were standing at the entrance to the BC, backed up as much as possible.
  • BLM stunned all the Ga spells.
  • PLD burned all his job abilities, including 2hr. RNGs used this opportunity to eagle eye shot. After that the PLD just kept the NM distracted as the RNG chipped away at it's health.
  • WAR would control adds, they went down easily, used dual axes and used TP to mistral Axe the NM for about 300 damage. Devotion was used once, and the WHM tapped into sublimation from SCH sub multiple times. Very easy fight, and no deaths occurred.

--patriclis 23:52, 13 April 2009 (EST)


  • 1/3. The fight itself is easy, its just all the tower climbing that sent me nuts lol.
  • Our PLD was a badass for the 3rd fight, we made him continutally run towards the side walls of the bcnm to avoid the AoE Charm move and it worked quite well.. no Mandy PLD's in our face lol.
  • BLM nuked the "Seed Thralls" that popped out.
  • RNG shot Crystal in the face.
  • SMN spammed Predator Claws.
  • WHM did what WHM's do best :).
  • RDM (me) was on stun-ho duties. It times a few "Seed of" moves before it begins to cast aoe spells, and stunning those spells made a HUGE difference compared to our previous attempts (which were wipes ; ;.). So for anyone taking a go at this mission I;d recommend you slide atleast 1 stunner in the ranks..

--Dawezy 09:16, 16 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Items: PLD had brought Hi-ethers, Yagudo drinks, and an Elixir for MP. Other members had brought Reraise. (Highly recommended!)
  • Member Roles: PLD's job was to hold hate at all times! SAM and COR were the primary damage dealers, with SMN using Predator Claw when available. BLM was primary stun duty, slept charms and dealt with the Seed Thralls. COR also used Quick Draw for Seed Thralls when available (Quick Draw did 0 damage to the Seed Crystal). RDM was main healer with SMN support healing quick a bit. COR used Evoker's Roll and Magus's Roll to sustain MP and lessen AoE damage. (Looking back, Dancer's Roll may have been a better option for keeping people alive.)
  • Concept: Slow but safe strategy. Plan was to deal steady damage while making sure everyone stayed alive.
  • Positioning: PLD did not melee. Used abilities and spells to hold hate, then stood around the corner from the stairs on the left side. Mages and damage dealers moved to the FAR left corner from the stairs. (Notes: Positioning could have possibly been improved. PLD was outside of 16' range for buffs, causing the COR to move closer and within AoE range, resulting in two deaths.)
  • Detailed Strategy: Began the fight with Reraise and party buffs. Once finished, PLD did 2-hour and built hate ASAP. (Advised to wait until after the Seed Crystal uses its initial offensive ability before the rest of the party moves from the stairs). Afterwards players moved to the respective corners. PLD kept himself cured while working to hold hate. SAM and COR used ranged attacks at maximum distance, using weaponskills when ready. Seed Thralls were not slept and taken out by the BLM and COR ASAP. Most AoE attacks were avoided and nukes from the Seed Crystal were easily stunned. Towards the end the battlefield became more rough. RDM pulled hate while the PLD was charmed/slept and died from an AoE attack. Longer ranged moves from the Seed Crystal became more frequent. The ending of the fight became very close. Four members had fallen without Reraise. Seed Crystal was at 1% HP with only the SMN and PLD remaining. SMN was low on MP and could not use Predator Claw, but finished off the Crystal with Aero II. --BlueyesM 09:03, 18 April 2009 (UTC)


  • The words "FLAWLESS VICTORY" flashed across our screens as we exited the BCNM. Ok, maybe not...but this strategy is really hard to screw up. There are two important things to note in this strategy. 1) DO NOT have your paladin run to the sides. Have him run back to the ramp with you. This does two things: it prevents the PLD from ever taking damage from judgement seed and also makes the seed thralls go directly to the people on clone duty. 2) NEVER go beyond the steps unless you are going to WS. At 50%, you probably should not be using WS since he will begin to spam judgement seed. If you are low on MP, use WS on clones and continue using RA on the crystal. If you have distance mod, the safest distance seems to be beyond 16.6' and farther. Have the SMN buff with earthen ward and aerial armor. The RDMs should be using composure + buffs on themselves and buffing the rest of the party. The RDM/DRK took refresh on the SMN and haste on the RNG. The RDM/WHM took refresh and haste on the PLD. After that is done, make sure your RDM/DRK takes composure off before he stuns. Have your paladin use flash (no need to run in...just flash from the ramp) then immediately provoke and pop invincible. After that, have your ranger use eagle eye shot. The corsair should use chaos roll and evoker roll. Have the RNG and COR on seed thralls. If your RNG is well equipped (ours was), then have the RNG use sidewinder on the seed thralls and have the corsair assist. Hate will be a problem at the end of the fight but obviously depends on your paladin and his gear. The SMN should just keep using predator claws the entire time. If a -ga III goes off, have him use earthen ward again just in case. Not one -ga III went off during our run. Again, it depends on the skill of your stunner. At about 50% you will notice the RNG taking hate. Be careful of judgement seeds when the RNG is drawn in. That should be your only threat. The PLD never dipped below 1000 HP (1500 HP max) and the RNG never below 600. Both RDMs were at 900 MP at the end of the fight. No 2 hours were used besides invincible and eagle eye shot...though the corsair could have used his if he wanted. Compared to the 3 attempts I did before this that ended in a 6% time out and two complete disasters, this was a blessing as well as a flawless victory. --Kaggypants 1:55 PM, 18 April 2009 (EST)


  • Laughably easy fight, never proved any challenge at all. RDM/anything with an MDB set tanks and takes very little DMG while the others DD the Seed. COR saves TP on the Seed and Slug shots the Clones. As a WHM I had so little to do I was able to melee the excess clones when it spammed them. Recomended if you have trouble finding a good PLD.


  • I voked and flashed as often as I could while including JA's when necessary, as well as curing myself when needed and for hate. For our technique, I let the Crystal draw me in repeatedly, while running diagonally toward the mages on the steps. You have to make sure you don't get out of their AoE range, or make it so they get hit with AoE either. RNG would Barrage, and do WSs when he could WHILE pulling any Thralls that popped - he came /SAM assuming he would be WS'ing more, but we wanted to make sure hate was kept properly. RNG and MNK took out Thralls. RDM/DRK stunned any -aga spells from the Crystal, while the other RDM cured, etc. and SMN helped cure from time to time while also using Garuda mostly(I believe). Both RDMs alternated Converts. I saved Chivalry until I was low on MP (obviously), fortunately it was stunned as well when I did. Stunner really needs to focus on -aga's, mages need to make sure the PLD is alive and refreshed, and the PLD needs to make sure he is the only member being Drawn-In. A few of our members ended up getting the CS when someone initiated the battle, which took a few minutes off of our fighting time, but we finished just over 27 minutes and change, so about 3 1/2 minutes remaining. Not too hard if everyone plays it cool, knows their role, and reads up on the fight beforehand. Haake


  • Simple really, PLD ran in, voked, 2hr'd and ran up the ramp and got drawn in basically the whole fight, throwing off voke flash and sentinel here and there. RDM/DRK healed, refreshed & stunned aga's. COR kept up evokers roll and Beasts roll for the SMN who was using Garuda & predator claws. The MNK killed off the clones and saved some tp for healing. Finally the blu (me) geared up with cannonball set, and brought def food/kept defender/cocoon and haste up and spat out cannonballs every 20s for roughly 300-450dmg a shot. Only had 1 problem in the whole fight where the PLD didnt run back fast enough and got charmed (for all of 30s where he was slept) during which I got drawn in and took the pld's job 'kiting' while he was slept. All in all an easy win 1/1 and I have a shiny Nuevo peice for dragoon. Woot.



  • We had no PLD available in our group, so we had to make due. This was the second attempt. The first, we had a BLM/WHM instead of one of the RDMs to take the clones and stun, and BLU/NIN instead of /SCH just to spam Cannonball. The first fight went ok, but we were standing just a tad too close when Seed of Judgment hit, and we ultimately wiped. During this fight, after a few missed stuns, we learned that BLU is very effective at handling clones. Cannonball to grab hate from a distance, then a Frenetic Rip could easily finish it off. Since our BLM wasn't taking clones anymore and was reduced to just a stun whore, we had her come as a another RDM/DRK for the second round. This gave us more healing power and faster stuns. BLU also came /SCH and worked the spell set better to be more effective for clones, as well as the occasional Diamondhide and healing.
  • Party stayed at top of the ramp (mages out of Judgment range this time) and took a few minutes to buff up. SAM and RNG unloaded 2hrs and other abilities at start (called a time to try to get as much as possible in before timers were reset). Just ran back to the party when Draw In happened. BLU took clones as discussed above, RDMs stunned (only 2 -gas out of many got through due to timers) and cured (each RDM concentrated on one of the ranged DDs), BRD did Ballad and Prelude and assisted with healing. With 4 sources of cures, 4 sources of sleep for charms, and 3 sources of refresh, the slow and steady fight went over without any significant trouble. Won in just over 24 minutes. The key was RDM/DRK x2 and BLU for clones. The SAM and RNG can really be any combination of ranged DD, and while songs were certainly helpful, BRD is probably replaceable with another DD. PLD was not necessary at all. --Thala 17:41, 11 June 2009 (UTC)


  • Fight wasn't hard, but took forever (4 minutes left), especially because a SMN got disconnected in the middle of the fight for a couple of minutes.
  • RDM was on stunning duty and healed/refreshed/regened, focusing on PLD. BRD was helping RDM with healing, keeping Ballad up for mages and Pianissimo double Paeon on PLD. BRD was also pulling thralls and getting aggro instead of other mages while BLM was bringing those down.
  • SMN were throwing Garudas in Crystal's face until it died.
  • No major problem beside SMN d/c and a few heart attacks when Crystal was dishing large nukes in the end (could take PLD down to 400HP with 1 nuke).
  • No particular gear nor food, but a real satisfaction doing it with a job not listed on cookie-cutter setups. --Birdee Asura


  • Total Time: 23 minutes
  • PLD does his job as surviving and keeping hate, WHM buffs and heals PLD, BLM uses stun only until the crystal is at 10%, *RNG x2 keep attacking the crystal and only use their WS to one shot the adds, BRD sings 2 ballads for himself, WHM and PLD while singing Prelude and Minute for RNG while cure III-ing RNGs and sleeping Charm (which only happened once). A long battle, but if everyone stays calm and tries not to rush the fight it's a fairly easy win. Akeda 14:29, 11 July 2009 (UTC)


  • There were easy moments and difficult moments. Opened with 2hrs. Later in the fight, PLD had a hard time getting hate off the RNG after the PLD was charmed. Also, a few times the seed thralls were a bit much (~3 present at once). COR and RNG did their best to remove them ASAP. SMN mostly did Predator Claws, and Sublimation was helpful. Still won with 5+ minutes remaining (wasn't timing exactly). WHM and RDM alternated stuns. Not a single -ga spell went off. I've done this previously with Rangers who were stupid and didn't watch the chat log for moves like Judgment before running in to WS. It was nice to have a smart one this time. All party members need to watch where they're at so they don't get hit with that. --Ferretclaw 09:05, 26 August 2009 (UTC)


  • PLD geared full -% magic damages taken (A.N. gear) never was in yellow or red except during the 2 big moves. RDM/DRK was refreshing BLM SMN and DRK (PLD had self-refresh) and healing PLD, DRK and RNG (at some point of the fight PLD went charmed and RNG was draw in instead), plus Stun the crystal in same time of the BLM for more security. BLM was main Stun for the -gaIII and Sleep charmed people but ended Nuke the clones too. DRK was clone killer only. SMN was doing Predator Claws all the fight with the help of Super-Ether and Astral Flow for MP saving at 20% on the crystal. RNG did his job of DD with /SAM for more DPS, got hate when PLD was charmed. PLD opened the fight with his 2hr. Win with more than 10min remaining. Kurokengo - Odin


  • We went into this fight knowing that it is hard. one of us had done this fight before and faild.
  • PLD had Tankfood, SMN took yagdrinks. I had 2 Elexirs with me. The fight was in the End very easy and never close to loose. We stayed and the stairs and buffed completely. I did not use sublimation so it might be handy for the whm to come /smn oder /blm too RDM and WHM stand on the right side of the stairs, SMN left. RNG and PLD in the middel. RDM castes refresh on me all the time so i had all the time enough MP. PLD run down the stairs Provoked the Chrystal and run back up the stairs that he did all the time. The SMNs took care of the Copys which died really fast (Garuda rulz). The RNG used range Atacks on the Crystal and Helped on the Copies. We never get Charmed. Whole fight took us 18 mins. I never had MP Problems and even had time to rest. The SMN used the yag-Drinks and the 2 Elexirs to get get MP back and too do not run out of MP. While reading the Text with the looses, I always read that ppl had MP Prolbems. I do not have spezial Gear on me. Normal WHM Curing Gear and changed to lowkost mpregain gear + Dark-Staff. GL 4 everybody --Docmage


  • Total time: 28 min 41 sec
  • PLD ran down the stairs and he 2hr'd at the start, BLU was on the seed thralls and helped with Seed Crystal once thralls were down, RDM stunned -agas and refreshed everyone else except RNG. WHM cured everyone, RNG was on Seed Crystal, SMN was on Seed Crystal with Garuda, and also used Avatar's Favor

Kadian of Quetzalcoatl now Kadiann

WINS: Zerg


  • Both players had endgame gear. Full buff up plus food, BLU went in and popped Azure Lore, DRG used all jumps plus a Deep Breathing + Smiting Breath before Seed of Nihility landed. BLU attempted MB skillchain but it didn't work; switched to DD and stun spells afterward. When HP got low enough, DRG spammed Bar spells and BLU used Magic Fruit. Blizzaga III -> Seed of Judgment nearly wiped us (BLU died, DRG at 44 HP), but one final WS finished it off. Korvana (talk) 01:56, August 7, 2013 (UTC)


  • Took our time with buffing, waited for two Meditates and then for the timer on the third. RDM started the fight with Dia III, I 2-houred, the SAMs weaponskilled twice and two-houred. The RDM stun-locked the crystal as we went crazy. Each of the SAMs had an Icarus Wing. BRD songs were 2x Minuet. If you do it right, you should never be in any real danger. Very fun fight (when you win, at least).--Diukor 06:10, 13 April 2009 (UTC) (UTC)


  • We had stocked up on almost everything possible like you would for a Maat fight, Hi potions, Icarus Wing etc. NOTE: Every melee in the party had an Icarus wing, giving us 4 more WS's to chip away at the crystals HP.
  • We started the fight by the two SAM's starting off by Meditating to 300% TP (this took a little less than 6 minutes) and also using Opo-Opo necklaces and Sleep potions for the 2 Monks until they were at 300% TP. We popped food, we all used Red Curry as food as its one of the strongest melee food out there.
  • After TP raising, SCH did normal buffs, Accession + Protect IV + Shell IV + Stoneskin + Phalanx, we ran in, One MNK was equipped with Faith Baghnahks and had 2 pouches of Virtue stones, the other MNK had Hades Sainti.
  • After running in, all melee activated Berserk and the Monks activated Hundred Fists and started chipping away at the Crystal, the SAM's follow 2 seconds after, the RDM/DRK Chainspells and Stuns the Crystal for the duration, its Seed of Judgement attack was thwarted 3 times from the stunning.
  • After the Chainspell stunning began, me and the other SAM run in and Sekkanokki WS>WS Meikyo Shisui WS>WS>WS then we used our Icarus wings and WS'ed again, by the time Hundred Fists and Meikyo Shisui had wore and Chainspell had wore also, the Seed Crystal was left with about 15% of its HP, after this we chipped away with regular melee attacks until it was at 5%, My meditate was up so I activate it, Seed Crystal then goes to use Seed of Judgement, which I stop in mid casting with a 785 Tachi: Gekko which finishes it off.
  • Thanks to the Japanese members that helped me out during this fight, I couldn't have done it without you.
  • NOTE: Scholar healed anyone who fell below 70% HP and the Seed Crystal never even got a chance to spawn any of its thralls or charm any of our members, the fight lasted 11 mins, (8 of those of which were used to prepare).
  • FINAL NOTE: Replacing the SCH/BLM in this scenario with another RDM/DRK could expenentially increase the chances of winning, 2 Chainspell + Stun waves would make it unable to act at all most likely. -Xynthios 05:44 13 April 2009


  • RDM buffs everyone with Shell 4, both Sams meditate to 300% TP and mnks boost while its being prep'd, before attacking Rdm hastes all melees and BRD soul voice double minuet, sams pop Sekkanoki before running in and full attack like the KV zerg style RDM pops Chainspell Stun to prevent any TP moves from the crystal, the only attack it should get through is the cloning of melees which aren't much of a problem.
  • If Seed of Judgement gets through then its almost certain to end in a wipe but if your chainspell runs out then change to full healing to keep the melees going.
  • Fight lasts no longer than 10 minutes (9 of which is prep) Angelena 20:50, 14 April 2009 (UTC)


  • Meditated to 300 tp, threw a couple 300% TP Steel Cyclones with 2hrs and Warrior's Charge for 2000-2500 each.
  • Only one death after chainspell ended.
  • Same basic zerg strats as above, but without 3-4 "speed killers" SAM and MNK...We had 2 SAMs, but at least shows it can be won with more than one non-MNKorSAM in the party.


  • Med and Med to 300 TP and wait 3 minutes till Meditate is ready again, SAMs uses all JAs they have, including Berserk Warcry. While SAMs are medding, RDM buffs everyone with Protect IV, Shell IV > rests MP to full. After everyone has 300 tp and med timer is ready, RDM hastes yourself then hastes everyone in the party.
  • When the last SAM is hasted, every goes all out. RDM CS Stun, then tosses Dia II or III if you have. Only 2 of our SAMs used icarus wing after 2hr'd and before the seed crystal died. I believe we had 1 add, but we didn't care/do anything with it. We were able to kill the seed boss in 49 secs and even before CS wore off! No need to cure (not that RDM has time to). Although all SAMs were in Red/Orange HPs at the end, there was NO death. Easy fight with this strategy. -Gwylan:Hades, Apr 19, 09


  • Granted, it was a close battle, that could have swung either way, and my recollection of the bout is a bit sketchy, but nonetheless, here's how it went down. (For the most part.)
  • Entered the battlefield, buffs upon entry, Protect and Shell, along with Valor Minuet from the BRD as well. Food upon entry as well, I myself went with a Bison Steak, DRG had sushi, mages had refresh drinks. As the SAM of the group, went for 3x Meditate, to build up TP, erstwhile, one of the MNK brought an Opo-Opo Necklace and Sleeping Potions to build up TP. Once the TP was up for us, it was about time to get the party rockin'. BRD cast Soul Voice + Minuet x2, the melees activated all beneficial job skills, and we all charged into the fray. As soon as we engaged (and by engaged, I mean once the first hit was thrown at it), RDM began the Chainstun process, while both MNK activated Hundred Fists. I had activated Sekkanoki, and WS > WS > Meikyo Shisui. It is worth it to note that I pulled the Meikyo Shisui off just in time, as a Seed of Nihility managed to escape the Chainstun, thus effectively rendering all skills for Melee useless. That being said, I continued my WS assault with all that I had, while the MNKs as well pulled off Asuran Fists when it became available, along with the pounding from Hundred Fists. DRG also kept pounding away as well, but the Seed of Nihility managed to render some of his tactics moot. RDM kept the Chainstun as long as possible, while BRD was on nothing but healing duty. By the time the Chainstun wore, it was at about 20% HP left, IIRC. The melee were still putting up a heavy assault, but by this time, it was spamming Seed of Judgment, and things were looking grim. At one point, the melee were all in red. However, the BRD managed to pull off a Curaga II just in time, which subsequently got the Seed Thrall to aggro. It was just the save we needed though, as it gave us all enough health to whittle away at the last vestiges of its HP, and courtesy of a TP wing I had, I whipped out one last Tachi: Gekko, which finished it off, and that was the end of that.
  • Special shout out to the party members that were with me during that battle, you all did a great job. It was a fun fight, albeit close, but just goes to show that DDs are capable of handling this battle for the win. -Toshiro: Asura, April 20, 2009


  • Started the fight with each SAM Meditating to 300% TP and waiting an additional 3 minutes for Meditate to be ready again. *Food was also used. RDM individually buffed all members while we waited for Meditate timers. When we were all at 300%TP and Meditate ready, BRD/WHM used Soul Voice, Minuet III and IV. SAMs used Sekkanoki, Berserk, Hasso, and Warcry. Fully buffed, each SAM went in and did Gekko ~> Gekko ~> Meikyo Shisui ~> Gekko ~> Meditate ~> Gekko ~> Gekko ~> Gekko ~> Icarus Wing ~> Gekko. RDM/DRK used Chainspell ~> Stun when Seed Crystal hit about 85% HP. This kept it stunned during the onslaught of Tachi: Gekkos.
  • BRD/WHM kept us healed with Curaga and Curaga II. Since the RDM used Chainspell at 85%HP, Stun was able to be used until the Seed Crystal died.
  • Waiting until 85% HP also enabled Stun to prevent Seed of Judgement, it didn't even get to use it when the dust settled. *Also, Chainspell lasted the entire fight, not wearing off at all. HP of Party members remained above 75% at the end of the fight.
  • Special shout out to everyone who went with me. Fantastic battle, everyone did their job admirably. Claran 16:48, 28 April 2009 (UTC)


  • We entered, buffed, SAM tp to 200% TP, the COR used a TP wing, all DDs used Coeurl Sub. When the SAM had 200%TP BRD 2HR Minuet x2, COR used Store TP dice and Chaos Roll.
  • The MNK 2hrd and ran in, SAM went behind it, Sekkanoniki, x2 WS, 2HR x3 WS, used TP wing and WS again.
  • The RDM had 2HRd and stunned thruout this. The BRD was pulling the clones, and COR was killing them, but WSing on the crystal.
  • When MNK's 2hr wore off he used TP wing and did a ws, then all ran back to the top of stairs.
  • The COR died cause he came in too close when WS on the crystal, and got hit by a bad Seed of Judgment.
  • After the minizerg, we stayed on top of stairs, only ran in to WS. The MNK TPed off clones, the SAM Meditated and the COR got tp on /ra. All in all a long fight (16 minutes) but we went 1/1 on it, and it was great.
  • WE were told we couldnt do it, we did it :D


  • SPARTAN'D FOR GLORY! (Victory). Ranged strat.
  • Entered into the fight with reraise earrings.
  • Buffed up (Protect, food ect.) and PLD immediately engaged the Crystal with FLASH then spammed all of their abilities to maximize hate at start (Sentinel, Invincible, Rampart).
  • The PLD was using a high magic resist build.
  • RNG and BLU then began damaging it. The BLU was using a Cannonball build and the RNG was using a Vali's Bow.
  • The PLD ran at the left of the ramp corner while keeping hate with flash and dispel. Whenever possible an ability was used. The PLD was mostly self sustaining with Ethers to back them.
  • The WHM mainly supported the PLD while the RDM spot cured and kept an eye on stuns.
  • The DNC pulled the thralls and took them down one at a time with the assistance of the BLU if too many were on the field. *This is an ENDURANCE match. Once the crystal is damaged to about 10% it starts to Seed of Judgement a lot more.
  • This fight is not impossible with an odd job setup. However it did have an added difficulty factor. You really need mages that know their job and that can manage MP. Cedri 22:15, 15 November 2009 (UTC)


  • Standard full buff on entry.
  • SAMs meditated to 100 TP, DRG slept to 100 TP using opo-opo necklace.
  • Once MP rested to full BRD used Soul Voice Minuet x2. SAMs and DRG Berserked.
  • Sams and DRG ran up, 1 SAM did a single Autoattack. DRG then Angoned and Warcried and RDM began CSS.
  • SAMS and DRG used first WS, then SAMs 2hred.
  • No attempt at making skill chains was made because in previous runs the Skill Chain damage was 90% resisted.
  • CSS ran out when Crystal was at ~20%. DDs Popped I.Wings and continued to WS.
  • At this point 1 Clone was made of a SAM, BRD was able to distract it long enough for the DDs to finish the fight.
  • BRD handled all curing using Curaga II.--Duzell-Levi 08:23, May 29, 2010 (UTC)


  • Upon entry, all DD had Red Curry Bun, RDM cast Shell and Protect on everyone.
  • SAMs Miditated to 300% and MNK slept to 300%
  • BRD used Ballads while RDM rested, before engaging, BRD Soul Voiced 2 Minuets on DD.
  • MNK engaged first with Hundred Fists, All DD berserked before engaging. Couple seconds passed before SAM engaged. RDM Used Dia II as soon as MNK began.
  • Unfortunately all the SAM's got hit by Seed of Nihility right before RDM began chainstunning and all Meikyo Suishis were lost. We still won, amazingly.
  • SAM's were to use Sekkanoki to WS their TP twice, then Meikyo Suishi for three more weapon skills.
  • MNK was able to pull of 6 Weapon Skills during fight with help of an Icarus Wing.
  • RDM was able to stun a Seed of Judgment during fight. Second SoJ went through but no DD died.
  • BRD main healed with DS + Curaga II after SoJ. Balladed RDM after DD went in.
  • Except for the SoN and SoJ fight was smooth. Pyitoechito 20:11, July 19, 2010 (UTC)


Can be killed with any 3xDD and 3xhealers. No need for the ridiculous setups...


Ode_of_Life_Bestowing_(1_2)_-_Crystalline_Prophecy_Final_Battle Ode_of_Life_Bestowing_(2_2)_-_Crystalline_Prophecy_Final_Battle

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