Mission Name Ode of Life Bestowing
Number 11
Requirements Omnis stone
Level 75+
Title Granted Silencer of the Echo
Reward Ebon Key
Prismatic Key
750 Experience Points or Limit Points
Repeatable Yes, see below
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Banishing the Echo A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)
Replay Cutscenes
Cut Scene Name Ramblix Stellar Fulcrum

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  • Examine the door to enter the battlefield.
    • Located (F-10) Upper Delkfutt's Tower
    • Six (6) players are permitted to enter one battle, with a 30 minute time limit and there is no level restriction.
    • Buffs granted by spells and abilities will wear upon entry. Item-based buffs and food will not.
    • No EXP is lost on death.
    • Any player can join, including those that do not have an Omnis stone or even the expansion.
  • Players repeating this mission will not receive the Ebon Key unless they have the Omnis stone prior to entering the battlefield.
  • The Omnis stone is used upon entry. If you fail the fight, you will need to repeat the previous mission to re-obtain an Omnis stone.
    • Note: As of the March 2010 update, players who have beaten the add-on scenario can purchase an Omnis stone without climbing Delkfutt's tower again.

The Battle

Ode of Life Bestowing Strategies and discussion.
  • The fight is against the Seed Crystal. The Seed Crystal remains stationary in the center of the battlefield. It has approximately 25,000 HP.
  • It is possible to avoid the AoE attacks by standing near the entrance or in the corners of the room. The Seed Crystal's attacks have a maximum distance of 17 yalms.
  • The Seed Crystal is not affected by Sneak Attack.
  • It possesses low evasion. Melee-burn parties recommended to focus on attack rather than accuracy.
  • Resistant to most enfeebling effects, such as Slow and Silence.
  • Is susceptible to the spell, Stun, but can build resistance over time. Head butt stuns it as well.
  • Repeatedly uses Draw In on the player at the top of its hate list, regardless of distance.
  • Uses Area of Effect Charm which turns any players within range into a Mandragora and resets those players' hate.
  • The Seed Thralls have extremely low HP, but moderate attack and access to most weapon skills; it is recommended to take them out immediately.
  • It is possible to Reraise and recover in this battlefield. However, the Seed Crystal can regenerate to 100% HP within one minute, and reraising within its agro radius will put all living players on its hate list.
  • Tractor is not permitted in this battlefield.
  • You may not escape from the Battlefield by clicking on the exit door.


  • Turn in the Ebon Key previously received and wait the next Japanese midnight.
    • If the key is in your inventory, you will not be able to start the battle, and the Omnis stone will not be consumed when entering.
  • Repeat the acquisition of the Omnis stone.
    • As of the March 10 update, you can now purchase the key item from Squintrox Dryeyes in Port Jeuno (G-8) for 2000 gil and 20 Beastman Seals only after you have beaten the final fight.
  • Drop your current body armor. This can be done at any time before entering the battlefield.
  • Repeat the fight in Stellar Fulcrum to receive a new Prismatic Key.
  • Talk to the coffer in Tenshodo and turn in the Prismatic Key.
  • Reselect your reward.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The final confrontation awaits you within the Stellar Fulcrum...


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