Skirmish utilizes an event-specific and player-specific currency known as Obsidian Fragments.

How to Obtain

Obsidian Fragments can be obtained in three ways:

  • Buy them from a Record of Eminence NPC like Eternal Flame in Western Adoulin at H-11 for 1000 per copper voucher stored with them.
  • Defeat monsters in Skirmish. Up to ~10 fragments may be obtained per normal monster (Cirdas and Rala) and up to ~30 per notorious monster (Rala only)
  • Utilize the "Obsidian Fragments+" option at a Noetic Ascension. The amount received varies with the tier of Legs utilized.


These can be accumulated up to 99,999 (amount per run varies with run size and legs segment tier) and can be spent in two ways: