Start NPC Darcia - Lower Jeuno (H-7)
Items Needed Key ItemTemporary geomagnetron
Repeatable Yes, after Japanese Midnight
Reward 300 gil
Experience points/limit points (amount depends on the fount examined)
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The Geomagnetron None


This quest is essentially a repeatable version of the mission The Geomagnetron.

Area Position EXP/Limit Points
Yughott Grotto (J-7) Map 1 200
Palborough Mines (J-8) Map 2 200
Ranguemont Pass (I-10), in the pool on the east side of the cave. 200
King Ranperre's Tomb (K-6) Map 1, SE corner. Easily accessed via Jugner Forest proto-waypoint and enter at (F-5). 300
Monastic Cavern (G-10), on the border of H-10. Accessed via Davoi (H-11). 300
Dangruf Wadi (E-11), tunnel beneath the Strange Apparatus (drop required). 300
Korroloka Tunnel (G-9) Map 4, right next to the Jammer Leeches' spawn area. 300
Maze of Shakhrami (K-9) Map 1 300
Outer Horutoto Ruins (G-7) Map 3 (Lilac Tower), southwestern chamber. Accessed via East Sarutabaruta (H-3). 300
The Eldieme Necropolis (J-10) Map 2. Accessed via drop C on (F-8) Map 1. Spriggans and Haunts will swarm you without Sneak. 400
Garlaige Citadel (G-8) Map 2, in one of the rooms behind Banishing Gate #1. (South, East, North, down hallway, left, and through two rooms.) 400
Crawlers' Nest (F-7) Map 1 400
Inner Horutoto Ruins (G-7/H-8) Map 2 (Beetle's Burrow), at the intersecting corners. 400
Ordelle's Caves (F-12) Map 1, hidden Strange Apparatus area. 500
Gusgen Mines (F-7/G-7) Map 3 500
Gustav Tunnel (G-10) Map 1, by the pond. 500
Labyrinth of Onzozo (J-5), near the ??? for Blade: Ku WS quest. 500
Toraimarai Canal (I-6) Map 1, water level. 500
  • Return to Darcia to complete the quest and receive your 300 gil reward.

Game Description

Darcia (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lower Jeuno)
Not all tests are tests of steel. In order to get permission to visit Adoulin, you must record data located in a certain part of the Middle Lands. The Adventurer's Mutual Aid Network will provide your reward.