Start NPC Fhe Maksojha - Nashmau (H-6)
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Repeatable No
Reward 3 Imperial Gold Pieces


  • Talk to Fhe Maksojha at (H-6) for a cutscene about a mother who is looking for her son.
  • Head to (K-8) in Caedarva Mire and click a ??? in a pool of water for another cutscene.
  • Afterward, talk to Fhe Maksojha again for another cutscene.
  • Return to the ??? in the Mire for another scene.
  • Prepare to fight a Lamia and a Qutrub.
  • Note: Lamia No.27 can use Belly Dance (AoE Charm).)
  • Click the ??? for another cut scene.
  • Return to Fhe Maksojha for three imperial gold coins.

Game Description

Wadayra (Northern Gate, Nashmau)
Wadayra wants you to look for her precious son, Ahgdeen, who has run away from home. He must be sorely missing his dear mother by now. Apparently he was last sighted in the northern part of Caedarva Mire.