Spell Information

Deals an amount of initial damage, and ticks for the same damage every 10 seconds.

  • Helix II spells overwrite Helix I spells.
  • Helix spells have a hard limit of 9,999 on their damage over time ticks.
  • Helix spells are unaffected by Manifestation.
  • Helix spells always see the full effects of day/weather alignment, regardless of equipment.

The Group 1 Helix Magic Accuracy and Attack Category increases the spell accuracy of Helix spells by 3 and applies a flat damage bonus of 2% per merit level.[1]

Dark Arts further increases the damage and duration of Helix spells. This effect appears to be based on the level of the scholar and caps at an additional +24 base damage and an additional +80 seconds of duration.[2] The Scholar Dark Arts Effect Job Point category grants an additional 60 seconds of duration at max potency.

Ebullience adds another +36 base damage and +120 seconds of duration to Helix spells.[3]

How to Obtain

Job Points