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The Mog House Next Door
#3 No Two Alike
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The Mog House Raiders return in their never-ending battle against layout laziness and Moghancement confusion. Will a dutiful moogle once again foil their attempt at a firsthand look into an adventurer's private Mog House?

The Mog House Raiders:

Liliana (AKA Lili)

Elvaan female

Her father is a famed furniture craftsman. She is not only versed in the value and layout patterns of furniture, but she also has a keen eye for current trends.


Tarutaru male

He is a researcher of elemental energy in furnishings. He possesses vast knowledge of Moghancements, but his personality leans towards the aggressive side.

Paruda-Moruda: This time, we're going for an up-front "Sleep the moogle and rush rightaru in" approach.

Lili: I fail to see what is so "up-front" about putting the moogle to sleep. Perhaps it is time we give up on the trickery and simply ask permission.

Paruda-Moruda: But look at him stuff-wuffing his face with snacks. He'll never even see us coming!

Lili: Hmm, perhaps you are right...

Paruda-Moruda casts Sleep. Resist! The moogle resists the effects of the spell!

Moogle: I thought you two would be showing up soon. Eating these spicy crackers was a good idea, kupo.

Lili: Most impressive! Well, it seems we have no choice but to proceed in the usual fashion. We are the Mog House Raid--

Moogle: I know who you are, kupo! I have the screenshots all ready to go.

Paruda-Moruda: You win this round, wingrat. Let's see the pics.

No Two Alike1

Moogle: This first shot is of a room belonging to a Galkan warrior from Bastok, kupo. We'll call him A.

Lili: My, my. Walls adorned with the flags of all three nations. A most accomplished adventurer, I see.

Paruda-Moruda: This shelf and bed are monstrously-wonstrously expensive-looking.

Lili: The bookshelf and the noble bed are traditional San d'Orian furnishings. As only the finest craftsmen are capable of making them, these pieces fetch a high price indeed.

Paruda-Moruda: The bookshelf is rare among furniture for its copius-wopius storage capacity, and it also exhibitarus fire elemental properties. In factaru, this entire room seethes with fire energy. But the influence of the San d'Orian flag, despite its own fiery aura, has the place leaning towards a San d'Orian Conquest Moghancement. Strange choice for a Bastokan...

Moogle: Mr. A only displays the San d'Orian flag when he is home, and takes it down when he leaves on his adventures. He's quite the chef, I might add, kupo.

Paruda-Moruda: That makes sense. He's probably looking for fire assistance when cooking up a manly-wanly quiche or something.

Lili: It appears elemental Moghancements are indispensable for craftsmen, but what exactly is the effect of this assistance?

Moogle: This assistance reduces the chance of losing materials when synthesis attempts using a crystal of that element fail, kupo!

Lili: That must be reassuring for adventurers handling expensive ingredients.

Paruda-Moruda: Rearranging the layout to suit your needs--inside or outside the Mog House--is not a bad idea.

No Two Alike2

Moogle: This second room belongs to another Bastokan, a Tarutaru bard we'll call Miss E, kupo!

Lili: I would hazard a guess that the occupant is rarely home...

Paruda-Moruda: This place looks more like a prison cell. Despite the three trees and the kadomatsu, she's done a greataru job of conveying a sense of desolation.

Lili: The stone construction of Bastokan Mog Houses tends to give the room a cold and empty impression when few or small-scale furnishings are present.

Paruda-Moruda: Why is the owner mopey-woping in the corner?

Moogle: That isn't Miss E, that's her mannequin, kupo!

Lili: Her mannequin? That is quite an antique piece of furniture. I was under the impression there were no longer any craftsmen alive capable of building them. That mannequin must be responsible for the foreboding atmosphere of the room. My father always told me that they are the source of terrible misfortune.

Paruda-Moruda: I've heard shouting adventurers trying to sell off mannequin parts to their fellows. Apparentaruly, the auction houses refuse to deal with them.

Lili: You can drape all sorts of equipment on a mannequin. And with that cabinet, I would think Miss E has more than enough storage space--despite the overall lack of furniture.

Paruda-Moruda: The properties of the cabinet would qualify her for a fishing Moghancement.
Lili: All talk of properties aside, I would suggest that this adventurer try for a slightly more peaceful atmosphere in her room.

Paruda-Moruda: Who knows? Maybe she finds playing dress-up with her mannequin relaxing.

No Two Alike3

Moogle: This room is home to our third Bastokan: a Hume thief we'll call Miss Q, kupo!

Paruda-Moruda: What's with all the empty cans?

Lili: I believe those are rusty buckets.

Paruda-Moruda: Has the roof sprung-wung a leak, or something?

Moogle: This occupant is covering the floor with buckets as part of an artistic endeavor, kupo.

Paruda-Moruda: Seems more rustic than artistic to me...

Lili: You must admit, that is an impressive number of buckets.

Paruda-Moruda: Rusty buckets have the effectaru of increasing the chances of fishing up items. This kind of assistance makes it easier to find more rusty buckets...which, when placed in the Mog House, will only enhance the effect even further. Buckets galore.

Lili: I would not term this room a good example of interior decorating, but it does illustrate the different possibilities available with Mog House furnishings.

Moogle: That's the last of the screenshots I have for today, kupo.

Paruda-Moruda: These were all Bastokan Mog Houses, but it's surprising to see the hugey-wuge difference in atmosphere and personality.

Lili: After seeing all these rooms I feel like rushing back and tinkering with the layout of my own Mog House.

Paruda-Moruda: I know what you mean. I want to design a layout that makes everyone sit up and say "Wow!" Maybe start with a millionaire desk and a royal bed... I wonder if I could put in a special requestaru to your father, Lili.

Lili: I do not foresee a problem as long as you provide the materials.

Paruda-Moruda: Gee, thanks for nothing, partner...

Lili: Well, this little investigation today has been most enlightening. With the secrets of Mog House assistance and properties in mind, I think I can begin on a whole new generation of furnishings.

Paruda-Moruda: On the road to becoming a master craftsman, huh? I better not slacky-wack off in my research or I'll get leftaru behind!

Moogle: We moogles will continue our support as well, kupo!

Lili: I look forward to some useful assistance.

Moogle: That all depends on your choices, kupo!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 05

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