Start NPC Hegnor - Frontier Station Morimar Basalt Fields
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed Key ItemRime ice fragment
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward 3000 experience/limit points
300 bayld
← Previous Quest Next Quest →
None None


  • Enter Morimar Basalt Fields and talk to Hegnor located at the Frontier Station (K-10).
  • Head to K-8 and click on the ??? under a tree on the cliffside during icy weather to obtain a Key ItemRime ice fragment.
  • Once you have obtained the key item, return to Hegnor for your reward.

Game Description

Hegnor - Frontier Station Morimar Basalt Fields
Rime Ice forms on the coniferous trees of Morimar Basalt Fields during periods of snowfall. Studying this ice could yield information about the area's climate and ecosystem. Bring some back for research.