Start NPC Peppe-Aleppe - Kamihr Drifts (K-10)
Items Needed Ruszor Hide
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemAlgor resilience, Key ItemPeppe-Aleppe's superlative tonic, 500 bayld
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Information Needed None


  • Travel to (K-10) Kamihr Drifts Frontier Station and speak to Peppe-Aleppe to activate the quest.
  • Obtain a Ruszor Hide and trade it to Peppe-Aleppe for your reward.
    • Drops from Slobbering Ruszor that spawn in the dead end at (J-7) in Kamihr Drifts.
    • Slobbering Ruszor perform an ability called Terrorizing Roar that, as it's name suggests, has an AoE Terror effect. Occurs frequently at low HP.

Game Description

Peppe-Aleppe (Frontier Station, Kamihr Drifts)
Orsa-Porsa claims that Peppe-Aleppe was shipped off to Kamihr Drifts for making unwanted advances on a young woman. Bring Peppe-Aleppe one ruszor hide so he can invent something fabulous to win Amchuchu's favor.