Start NPC Peladi Shalmohr - Western Adoulin Mummers' Coalition (G-10)
Requirements Key ItemPioneer's Badge
Items Needed Fire Crystal (Minimum of 3)

Popoto (Minimum of 1)
Selbina Butter (Minimum of 2)
Dhalmel Meat (Minimum of 1)
Olive Oil (Minimum of 1)
Black Pepper (Minimum of 1)
Cinnamon (Minimum of 1)
Faerie Apple (Minimum of 1)
Maple Sugar (Minimum of 1)

Title Granted Apprentice Tarutaru Sauce Manager
Repeatable No
Reward 900 Experience Points / Limit Points
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None All the Way to the Bank


Note: One or more of the synthesis may fail, and you will lose all of the ingredients. You must obtain and trade the ingredients again for the requested item. Note: While the ingredients list comes from MMusto-Rusto, Tuffle-Buffle says certain ones are not necessary and she is correct.

Game Description

Peladi Shalmohr (Mummers' Coalition, Western Adoulin)
Find the Mummers' Coalition's newest bumbling duo, Tarutaru Sauce, and prevent them from sucking all the life out of the room.