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Ney Hiparujah
Kazham (I-11) - Pakhroib's Residence

Recommended Fame Quests

Kazham reputation is gained by completing quests in Windurst.

Reputation Dialog

Reputation Level Kazham Reputation Text
1 And you arrre? <name>? Neverr heard of you. There are too many adventurers these days to rememberrr every one that waltzes through our village gates. You're going to have to work harderrr if you want anyone to rememberrr a funny name like that. And who knows? Someday you could become as famous as me!
2 What did you say you call yourself? <Name>? I don't know... I might have heard that name somewherrre. Do a little more for the villagers herrre, and people might start remebering who you arrre.
3 Wait... Don't tell me... It's...<Name>, right? Yeah, I've been hearing your name more often lately. A little bit more work, and soon everybody will know who you arrre.
4 Hi therrre, <Name>. I've been telling everybody about my new friend. We're friends, right? Keep up the good work. The betterrr my friends look, the betterrr I look!
5 Oh, <Name>! Long time no see! Your name comes up a lot these days. And guess what? Nobody has anything bad to say about you. That's a compliment in itself!
6 You know, I don't think there's a person in this village who doesn't know yourrr name. You keep up the good work, and I'll have to start calling you Mister <Name>!
7 Mister <Name>! Arrre you heading out on anotherrr dangerous mission? Be careful! We'll all be rooting for you. I know it has been hard to get such a good reputation, but don't take it for granted. Yourrr work is farrr from being done!
8 Mister <Name>! You are one smooth cat! I've neverrr met a mainlander who did so much for islanders. I'm proud to call you my acquaintance...my friend!
9 Lord/Lady <Name>! The fame your name carries stretches from here to Windurst. I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude this village feels forrr you. Live long, hero of Kazham!