Start NPC Nomad Moogle - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Requirements Level 71
Items Needed Kindred's Seal x5, 3 stored Merit Points.
Repeatable No
Reward Raises level cap to 80
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Any one of the following:
Shattering Stars
Achieving True Power
Breaking the Bonds of Fate
The Beast Within
Survival of the Wisest
A Furious Finale
Expanding Horizons


You can withdraw Kindred's Seal that you have stored with Shami in Port Jeuno if you wish, and use them to complete this quest.

Game Description

Nomad Moogle (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Has the enigmatic nomad moogle truly ascertained ancient secrets that will allow you to exceed long-standing limits? Acquire five Kindred's seals and three merit points and see for yourself!