Diabolos delivers a ranged attack that deals dark damage.


Avatar: Diabolos (Dark)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 109 MP

Level: 65


Effect Duration: N/A

Battle Application: Magic Burst

  • Compression, Gravitation, Darkness

Damage Type: Magic

Additional Notes:

  • If at the time this abilty is used Diabolos is under the effect of Dream Shroud, damage will be increased.
  • Merits in Avatar Magical Attack and gear that specifically enhances avatar magic attack will increase the damage.
  • Seems to deal a fixed amount of damage, but can be affected by day/weather effects.
  • Diabolos' TP does not affect damage.
  • Ignores Resist Dark traits (Fomor, Skeles, Bats, etc)
  • Ignores Magic Damage Taken-% but not Magic Defense Bonus.
  • Ignores Level of Target.
  • This Blood Pact is a ranged magic attack, and can be successfully used even when Diabolos is not within melee range.
  • Formula is:

(5 x Avatar's Level + 10) * MAB(of avatar)/MDB(of monster) * Day/Weather

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Nether Blast" <t>