• 75 Smn/nin Solo.
  • 75 Smn/Whm solo. use Garuda kited useing hallway very easy fight just took 4 Predator Claws.
  • 75 Smn/Sch Solo. as a taru (sublimation for 182 once) using leviathan with -perp gear (5mp/tick) had ~100 mp left at the end. (starting MP was ~1175).
  • Set-up: (Odomitria)
    • 75Bst/nin if helping to melee or whm for just 2-3 x CC.
    • Total Reward Armor needed - Axe/Bst AF1.
    • CC is a good choice with 2hour. It uses a move that actually heals CC for 25%
    • 2 X CC required.
    • Zeta food x 3 each.
    • Remedies x 4~12 for paralyze.
    • Antidotes x 12.
    • Meat Ka bobs.
    • Its 2hour will own CC because it spams everything like a RDM. Recommend Kiting if need 3rd CC its slow and casts really long spells that are great for /nin.
  • retarded easy as bst90. Called Nursery Nazuna, checked blank, got cs. Soulflayer opened with blind, while i put NN on him. 1:42 later Soulflayer was dead & NN was at 70%. No 'pet:' gear, no biscuits. NN proced a Dbl Atk on the first swing, so NM popped his 2hr off the first hit. I had been /dnc as i was anticipating a slightly more difficult fight, but after the 3rd -ga i just moved out of range & let NN handle it. NN's lowest hit was 272 most were over 310 & had a decent crit rate for so short a fight. --Maximusdecimus of Phoenix 23:51, May 28, 2011 (UTC)
    • I just tried Maximusdecimus' advice and must say it is 100% spot on. I went over prepared as well. If you have 90 BST, go naked with a single Nursery Nazuna and you will win in less than 3 minutes without pet even going below 75-80% HP. --Mijkie of Leviathan

Easy to duo as BLU/NIN and RDM/WHM. BLU uses DD spells (Disseverment, Hysteric Barrage, Frenetic Rip) and Saline Coat, RDM cures and debuffs. During Manafont just stay calm and keep Saline Coat up. Shouldn't take more than 3 minutes.

Trioed by PLD/WHM, BLU/NIN, SMN/WHM. Blue mage took several death due to ripping hate with physical blue magic. Paladin took 2 deaths from nukes. SMN took 1 death. Keep rr up and kite with carby whenever needed. 1 of the paladins deaths and 2 of the blue mages deaths were due to keeping the soulflayer away from the smn when recasting carby. fight took about 15 minutes. Gwylo/Radian/Wup~Sylph

We took 8 people to this fight just because our LS likes to help each other. Most were 75, myself as SAM72 had stored 300% tp and 2hr it died before I could finish my 2hr so... this mob is very easily killed i took about 50% damage during my 2hr but if thinking of soloing just have the BLU cure you good luck!

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