Naoshi Mizuta

Naoshi Mizuta (水田直志 born January 24, 1972, in Kochi, Japan) is the solo composer for all of the music in the Final Fantasy XI expansion games. He signed up with Square Enix in 1999 to compose the soundtrack to Parasite Eve II. Afterward, Mizuta took a hiatus from composing video game music. His big break came in 2002 when Square Enix hired him on to compose the soundtrack to Final Fantasy XI along with Nobuo Uematsu and Kumi Tanioka. When the Rise of the Zilart expansion came out in 2003 Uematsu and Tanioka were busy with other projects, and Naoshi was given sole responsibility for composing its soundtrack by Square Enix.

Naoshi is also the bass player for The Star Onions.


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