Southern San d'Oria (K-6), in the Lion Springs Tavern

Recommended Fame Quests

Reputation Dialog

Reputation Level San D’Oria Reputation Text
1 Hmm... <Name>, you say? No, I never heard that name. Do not expect me to learn the name of every recruit! Do good for the kingdom and her people, and they shall come to know you. Once you have their trust, they will request your help more readily. Just keep your head down, and your day shall come.
2 <Name>...? Hmm... I might have heard that name before. Then again, Maybe not. You are not famous yet. Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. Soon they will know you better.
3 Ah, <Name>. That is a name I often hear. People speak well of you! Your deeds for the kingdom have earned you much honor.
4 <Name>! You have become well known in these parts! I hear much of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work, and greatness lies in your future.
5 Ah, <Name>! You are famous in our kingdom! Of you no ill is spoken. Give to the kingdom and she will give to you, no?
6 <Name>! I would venture that much the kindgdom has heard your name! And your reputation sparkles. Indeed I am proud of you. And to think I first knew you when you were a new recruit!
7 Hello, <Name>. Practically all of the kingdom has heard of you now. What's more, your reputation is stellar. I look forward to even greater things from you!
8 <Name>! People are talking about you! Every infant in his cradle knows your name! And they hold you in highest regard! I am so proud of you! May your kind deeds continue!
9 Sir/Lady <Name>! There isn't a soul in the kingdom that doesn't consider you a hero! As a representative of the people of San d'Oria, I humbly ask you to continue your efforts for the good of the country. May the light of the Goddess shine upon you!