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#3 Names of the Tarutaru and Mithra
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Hello. This is Professor Emanritan again. How are you? Are you adventurers out there participating in the Conquest? Huh? You're spending all your time making things at the guild? That's good, too.

Today's lesson on names will be our last lesson. What a pity! Our final article, then, will be on the names of the Tarutaru and the Mithra that they share Windurst with.

I myself am from Windurst.... Surrounded by nature and with such clear air! What a wonderful place.

Though it has suffered some awful wars, with the help of Tarutaru magic and the cooperation of the Mithra, Windurst is recovering. Even now, the city is a beautiful center of education and development that any country would be proud to call its own.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Let's start with Tarutaru male names: "Aram-Param," "Baren-Moren," and of course we can't forget "Emanritan."

As you have noticed, the last part of a Tarutaru man's name rhymes with the first. It has been said that this is how ancient spells of the Tarutaru worked.

By the way, my name has no relation to any spells. My parents told me that they gave me a name that fit the moment. They wouldn't tell me any more about it...

Back to the subject at hand, let's have a look at Tarutaru female names. I think that "Finene," "Chomomo," and "Kerutoto" are all good examples.

As you can see from the examples of "nene," "toto," and "momo," the last two syllables of the name are the same. This syllable is not just assigned randomly.

Surprisingly, the names are based on the orientation of the child in relation to the famous Star Tree at the time of birth. All rather mystical, don't you think?

Names of the Tarutaru and Mithra

This ancient practice shows how much the Tarutaru have come to revere the Star Tree.

Perhaps this changes the way you see the Tarutaru.

While I'd love to continue talking about the Tarutaru, I think it's time to move on to our final subject, the names of the Mithra.

The Mithra are a very clever race, making them excellent hunters. But what are their names like?

Examples include "An Shanaa," "Hanaa Punaa," and "Fo Mocorho."

Because Mithra are called by their first and last names, their names tend to be slightly longer than those of the Tarutaru.

While out hunting, they call each other by only the first part of the name, "An," "Hanaa," and "Fo" would be used in the examples given. In fact, they seem to do this whenever they are closing in on something or in a tense situation.

One might surmise that, if their names were as long and elegant as those of Elvaan men, they'd bite their tongues and whatever they were chasing would slip away. But I wouldn't go so far as to say that for fear of offending my Elvaan friends.

Well, I'm afraid that's all. I hate to finish so soon, but this is the end of the series. Until we meet again, stay well!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 20

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