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Just for Fun -Reprint-:
#1 Names of the Elvaan
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Good morning. Is everybody ready?

Since this is the first article in the series, I thought I'd start out by introducing myself.


My name is Emanritan, though many of my students call me "Professor Eman." I am an anthropologist, meaning I study the different races of Vana'diel, as well as their ways and customs. I'm sure you are curious about my age, but I'm afraid that I can't tell you that. I can tell you that I have been doing research since well before any of you were born.

Introductions being finished, let's get down to business.

"Anthropology" sounds like something very difficult, doesn't it? Well, it is. However, these articles are called "Just for Fun," not "A Doctoral Dissertation in the Naming Customs of the Races of Vana'diel," so we're going to tone it down a little bit and keep it light so that you young people can continue your other pursuits, like adventuring. I promise not to bore you to death.

Our first lecture will be a simple introduction to the names of the Elvaan.

As you know, the Elvaan are a rather tall race and are known for their prominent pointed ears. In my youth, I often wished (secretly, of course) that I was as stylish and as--what do you young kids say now? --"groovy" as the Elvaan.

What types of names come to mind when someone mentions the Elvaan?

Very common names for males include "Cyranuce," "Aurege," and "Raminel." "Monberaux" and "Civerion" are also very classy names, don't you think?

Names of the Elvaan.jpg

They have a certain refinement to them, very high class. These names sound well suited to beings made of gossamer. Why is that?

The Elvaan are known for their swordsmanship and other skills in battle. Elvaan culture considers having one's exploits woven into an epic poem to be among the greatest of honors, so it is no surprise that Elvaan give their children names that would fit nicely in such an epic.

But what about the women?

Take, for example, the names of some of my friends, such as "Lutia," "Catalia" and "Nenne." "Leaute" and "Esca" are also typical names for Elvaan females. These are all names of my girlfriends, but that's another story.

A very large percentage of Elvaan women are beautiful with well-defined features. Why is this?

"Unadorned" and "strong" are the ideas that these names are meant to honor and communicate. Or, at least, this is the theory I'm looking into.

So the names that Elvaan give to their daughters tend to be shorter and easier to say that those given to sons. Sharp and clear names really fit, don't you think? Just a single name tells us a lot about the unique background and characteristics of the Elvaan.

That's all for this time. See you here next time. Stay well!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 18

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