(Sword) All Races
DMG: 18 Delay: 236 Trans Water+3
Additional effect: Poison
Lv. 24 WAR / THF / DRK / SAM / BLU
Damage Per Second: 4.58
TP Per Hit: 63

Additional effect: Poison

  • This Poison effect, when inflicted, deals approximately 10 damage per tick.
  • This effect has been observed by some to activate more frequently than most Additional Effects found on weapons. Exclamation

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, or bazaared, but can be delivered to a character on the same account.

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Cargo Crab Colin (NM) 35-37 Korroloka Tunnel

Historical Background

Nadrs (pronounced "Nahz") is a Gothic word, which has its roots in Latin. Specifically, the root is neHtr, which means snake. The English word of the same root is nǣddre or adder, a poisonous snake.

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