Mweya Plasm Corpuscles are the currency earned by defeating Delve NMs.

They are accepted by Forri-Porri who can be found at Western Adoulin (I-10) who will exchange them for Delve Rewards.

Obtaining key items from defeating Delve NMs increases the variety of items available for purchase with Mweya Plasm.

See Delve Rewards for sortable tables of the purchasable items as well as the key items required.

How to Obtain

Notorious Monsters

Consumable Items

Yggrete Shards and Yggzi Beads can be used as consumable items. Doing so instantly awards Mweya Plasm Corpuscles to the user. Yggzi beads are dropped by Delve NMs.

  • Alizarin/Zaffre/Celadon Shards
    • Yggrete Shard I/II/III: 100 plasm
    • Yggrete Shard IV/V: 150 plasm
  • Alizarin/Zaffre/Celadon Beads
    • Yggzi Bead I/II/III: 1,000 plasm
    • Yggzi Bead IV/V: 1,500 plasm
  • Phlox/Russet/Aster Shards
    • Yggrete Shard I/II/III: 150 plasm
    • Yggrete Shard IV/V: 200 plasm
  • Phlox/Russet/Aster Beads
    • Yggzi Bead I/II/III: 1,500 plasm
    • Yggzi Bead IV/V: 2,000 plasm