Led by maester Flaviria of the Order of Thurandaut, the Mummers' Coalition is primarily tasked with keeping spirits up through fun and entertainment to ensure adventurers' morale remains as high as possible as they brave the harsh wilderness of Ulbuka. Coalition members also gather enemy intelligence through covert operations. The Mummers' Coalition offers carnival-style games which allow players to accumulate Mummers' Medals which can be spent on a variety of entertaining, and occasionally useful, rewards. The number of games available increases as the rank of the coalition rises.


Name Location Edification Required Description
Task Delegator Inside Provides assignments
Civil Registrar Inside Review coalition role, edification, assignment types, and your current standing.
Kerney Inside Operates "Guess That Number"
Bastingart Inside Flag Operates "Boom or Bust"
Iscandelle Inside Signboard Operates "On the Dot"
Masad Inside Trades Mummers' Medals for prizes
Peladi Shalmohr Inside Quest: No Laughing Matter
Pagnelle Outside Quest: Raptor Rapture
Mummers' Coalition
Maester Flaviria
Roles Pioneer Morale
Enemy Intelligence
Location Western Adoulin (G-10)


Edification Service Upgrade Ionis Bonus
Flag Staff in charge of Boom or Bust (game) will increase. The "Boom or Bust" minigame will be available to play. Minor Combat & Magic Skill Gain Rate Increase
Signboard Staff in charge of On the Dot (game) will increase. The "On the Dot" minigame will be available to play. Minor Experience Point Bonus
Emblem Staff in charge of Cascade (game) will increase. The "Cascade" minigame will be available to play. Minor Reward Obtainment Rate Increase

Mummers' Coalition Assignments

Location: Western Adoulin (G-11)

Rank Assignment Objective Reward:

Imprimaturs: Bayld/Exp


Recover: Ceizak Battlegrounds Find a Lost Article in either Ceizak Battlegrounds or Yahse Hunting Grounds. 1: 1,500

2: 2,700
3: 3,600

Research: Rala Waterways Have a Plantpassage Slug use Fuscous Ooze on you. 1: 750

2: 1,350
3: 1,800


Research: Ceizak Battlegrounds Have a Chapuli use Sanguinary Slash on you. 1: 1,000

2: 1,800
3: 2,400

Boost: Foret de Hennetiel #1 Cheer up a Station Worker in either Foret de Hennetiel or Morimar Basalt Fields. 1: 500

2: 900
3: 1,200


Recover: Foret de Hennetiel Find a Lost Article in either Foret de Hennetiel or Sih Gates. 1: 1,500

2: 2,700
3: 3,600

Recover: Morimar Basalt Fields Find a Lost Article in either Morimar Basalt Fields or Moh Gates. 1: 1,500

2: 2,700
3: 3,600


Research: Foret de Hennetiel Have a Hoary Craklaw or Cunning Craklaw use Sundering Snip on you in Foret de Hennetiel. 1: 1,750

2: 3,150
3: 4,200

Research: Morimar Basalt Fields Have a Sinewy Matamata or Emberflash Matamata use Tail Thwack on you in Morimar Basalt Fields. 1: 1,750

2: 3150
3: 4,200


Recover: Marjami Ravine Find a Lost Article in either Marjami Ravine or Dho Gates. 1: 2,250

2: 4,050
3: 5,400

Boost: Marjami Ravine #1 Cheer up a Station Worker in either Marjami Ravine or Yorcia Weald. 1: 2,000

2: 3,600
3: 4,800


Recover: Yorcia Weald Find a Lost Article in either Yorcia Weald or Cirdas Caverns. 1: 2,500

2: 4,500
3: 6,000

Research: Marjami Ravine Have a Tulfaire use Molting Plumage on you. 1: 2,750

2: 4,950
3: 9,000


Boost: Kamihr Drifts Cheer up a Station Worker in Kamihr Drifts. 1: 3,000

2: 5,400
3: 7,200

Research: Yorcia Weald Have a Snapweed in Yorcia Weald use Tickling Tendrils on you. 1: 3,250

2: 5,850
3: 7,800


Recover: Kamihr Drifts Find a Lost Article in either Kamihr Drifts or Woh Gates. 1: 3,500 Exclamation

2: 6,500 Exclamation
3: 12,600

Research: Kamihr Drifts Have a Cicatricose Raaz in Kamihr Drifts use Sweeping Gouge on you. 1: 8,000

2: 14,400
3: 19,200

#1 Note that Boost Assignments are only available in zones where the frontier station IS in existence.


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