Muckvix's Junk Shop

A small cluttered shop nestled next to Waag-Deeg's Magic Shop. The merchants here are goblins against all chance. The Dutchy has granted them amnesty so long as they mind their own business and don't start trouble. They sell items not seen anywhere else, and they all sport enviously large gobbiebags... In the very back of the shop they have a small eatery, the "Goblins' Goblet", employing a goblin cook, as well as a very skilled goblin tailor.

Location: Lower Jeuno H-9 (Lower level)

Shop type: Goblin Junk Shop


Name Items Sold Price
Creepstix Scroll of Goblin Gavotte ~8,160
Scroll of Protectra II ~7,074
Scroll of Shellra ~1,760
Pawkrix Horo Flour ~36-41
Goblin Bread ~276-300
Goblin Pie ~650
Goblin Chocolate ~35
Goblin Mushpot ~1,140
Poison Flour ~515
Goblin Doll ~490-500
Stinknix Poison Dust ~294-320
Venom Dust ~1,035
Paralysis Dust ~2,000
Iron Arrow ~7-10
Crossbow Bolt ~5-6
Grenade ~1,107-1,252


Name Purpose
Muckvix Shop Owner

Involved in Missions/Quests/:

Bluffnix Quest NPC

Starts Quests:

Creepstix Standard Merchant
Guttrix Quest NPC

Starts Quests:

Stinknix Standard Merchant

Involved in Quest:

Pawkrix Standard Merchant
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