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Movalpolos Unearthed!
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Not a soul in Vana'diel is unfamiliar with Goblins.

Their builds slightly larger than Tarutaru, with drooping ears and soiled masks, Goblins appear to us as merchants in our cities--and as bandits on the high roads.

The few Goblins that dwell in our cities are treated as outsiders. This is mostly due to their solitary nature, and their aversion towards creating or joining large communities.

On another note, many researchers think highly of the knowledge and intelligence possessed by Goblins, some even claiming that it exceeds that of our own.

In truth, they are able to use multiple languages, and they are master innovators that are able to create intricate fireworks and inventions such as the self-winding crossbow.

Let us then ponder this hypothetical: What if these intelligent creatures were to form a large community--nay, society? Would they not become a great threat to the enlightened world?

I was able to obtain information from a certain Goblin, which may bring us closer to the answer.

"It's not really our city, but there is a city. Under your feet, way down, you know what I'm sayin'?"

Movalpolos Unearthed!1

For the price of one silver beastcoin, I was able to obtain information about a city built by the Moblins, an offshoot race of Goblins. The name of this city, the goblin told us, is Movalpolos.

Of course, "city" is a broad term, as it is apparently just a series of shafts and passageways that connects the industrial and residential areas, making it resemble a rather large quarry.

In any case, if this information is true, it may be necessary to reassess our understanding of Goblins.

In stark contrast to the solitary lifestyle of most Goblins, Moblins appear to lead more communal, structured lives. What is it about the two races that makes them so different?

The Goblin informed me in a spiteful tone that the Moblins place great importance on civil order, and are intensely xenophobic.

"Us and them don't see eye to eye, if you know what I mean. But we both got uses for each other."

Apparently, many Goblins feel that the Moblins look down on them as a vulgar and uncivilized race.

However, since the Moblins have amassed great wealth from the treasures they have unearthed from the ground, they supposedly pay handsomely for labor, leading many Goblins to go to Movalpolos for work.

When I asked the goblin to tell me more, he suddenly fell silent and held out his hand. It appeared that I had already received one silver beastcoin’s worth of information.

After handing him several more coins, the Goblin bit each one to check for authenticity, and then continued.

"Movalpolos is always movin', you know? So you gotta move with it."

A shocking revelation had come out of the now happy Goblin's mouth.

Movalpolos Unearthed!2

According to him, the Moblins were continually tunneling underground and shifting their facilities and dwellings, effectively making the entire city mobile.

Evidently, the Moblins possess advanced technology such as state-of-the-art digging machines and physically enhanced laborers that make this incredible feat possible. Frighteningly enough, some of this technology was supposedly obtained from our own craftsmen who were kidnapped by the Moblins.

The last rather disturbing piece of information that the Goblin gave us was that Movalpolos has recently been recruiting many Goblin mercenaries.

The Goblin then left us with these final words:

"We don't like you people for the most part, but we'll like you for the right price. These Moblins, though... they hate you guys."

Was this some kind of warning? Just what is about to happen?

That secret still lies buried, deep underground.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. Extra IV

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