Mission Name More Questions than Answers
Number PM6-3
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A Place to Return One to be Feared
Replay Cutscenes
More Questions than Answers (pt. 1) Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
More Questions than Answers (pt. 2) Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
More Questions than Answers Battal Selbina (H-8)


  • Head to Ru'Lude Gardens (Home Point #1) and talk to Pherimociel at (G-6) for a cutscene. This may yet again need a few tries for the correct dialogue.
  • Check the Audience Chamber door upstairs at (H-6) for a cutscene. (You may have to click the door twice if you participate in Voidwatch)
  • Head to Selbina and talk to Mathilde at (H-9), inside of the Weavers' Guild, for a cutscene.
  • Optional: Talk to Mathilde again for more dialogue.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Esha'ntarl has returned to the Grand Duke Palace and is preparing the Jeuno Armada for its attack on Bahamut. At the same time, Prishe and Ulmia have finally solved the mystery that has been haunting them for the past twenty years.