Moongate Pass

Moongate Pass
Simply carrying this pass with you
unlocks the moongate found deep
in Ro'Maeve.
Contains Zone(s):
Mini-Quest (See notes)

How to obtain:

  • Without a moongate pass you can only enter the moongates between 0:00-3:00 on a night with a Full Moon. Or you can enlist the help of someone who already has the pass to open the gates for you.
  • A ??? appears in a few locations past the moongate doors. Touching the ??? lets you obtain the key item.
  • There are at least 3 pops within each Moongate section. (2 on top, 1 below)
  • All Weapon monsters aggro to sound and magic casting, and the Golems behind the moongate doors aggro to sight and magic casting, so be sure to bring the proper oils and powders, including level 75 players.
  • See BEB map and click on "Quest Information" to highlight 3 blue spots on each side (2 upper and 1 lower). The spots listed on this map are not the only possible pop areas for the ???.
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