Were you looking for Beast Affinity?

Monster Affinity is a hidden trait gained by wearing certain pieces of equipment. It causes the wearer to react to intimidation effects as if he is a member of a particular Monster Family. This means that when a player attempts an action on monsters or players with an appropriate Killer effect, there is a chance they will be intimidated. Example: If someone is equipped with an item that gives Lizard Affinity, he will be intimidated by Beast type monsters (e.g. Tigers, Dhalmels, etc.) as well as players with the Lizard Killer job trait (gained by Beastmaster and by eating certain food). The Killer effect granted by Monster Affinity is only part of what it does. Killer effects do not allow you to be intimidated, but monster affinity does. Monster affinity does grant the killer effect also however. It is the same base level of 5% that all normal monsters have.

The following pieces of equipment are known to give monster affinity:

See also Beast Strength Chart for more information.