Monk's testimonyRareExclusive
This papyrus scroll reads:
"The bearer of this document has
proven excellence in the ways of
the monk."
Stackable: Not Stackable

Other Uses

Gobbie Mystery Box: Awards 50 daily tally
Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Shore Sahagin 62-72 Sea Serpent Grotto
Jotunn Hallkeeper 65-69 Upper Delkfutt's Tower
Orcish Champion 64-68 Davoi
69-72 Monastic Cavern
Yagudo Flagellant 69-72 Castle Oztroja
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