Start NPC Nbu Latteh - Bastok Markets (J-9)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Copper Ring
Title Granted Ringbearer
Repeatable Yes, see below
Reward 100g / 200g
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None The Signpost Marks the Spot



  • You will receive 100 gil if you examined the letter or 200 gil if you did not.
  • The letter reads "Dear Mom, Thank you for all the presents you bring me. I like them a lot...but I'd be more happy if you came home early sometimes, even if you don't bring me anything." -Roh
  • (Optional) When you talk to the nearby guard Parnika before/during this quest, she mentions something suspicious about Nbu Latteh; while at the same time Nbu Latteh also complaints about Parnika making her life difficult. But after this quest is completed, Parnika will change to giving general directions around Bastok Markets; whereas Nbu Latteh is still complaining about her difficult life, but in a different way (hehe).

Game Description

Nbu Latteh (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Bring Nbu Latteh's daughter a Copper Ring as a gift from her mother.