The Mog Satchel is a new form of storage accessible from anywhere on Vana'diel that allows players to freely interchange items with their standard inventory. It has the same storage capacity as the player's inventory, and is expandable to a maximum of 80 slots through the completion of the Gobbiebag quests.

Players may view the contents of their Mog Satchel via. the "Mog Satchel" submenu of "View House", or the "/satchel" text command, and move items between it and their standard inventory as desired. Note that it is not possible to equip or use items directly from one's Mog Satchel, or sell them via bazaars.

  • The Mog Satchel feature is available only to players who possess a registered Square Enix security token, and have linked their PlayOnline accounts to a Square Enix account.
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